How to make a dog bed yourself?

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How to make a dog bed yourself?

Every dog should have a place where it can rest. A kennel is ideal for those who live outdoors, while an appropriate bed is essential for an indoor dog.

What kind of pet bed for my pet?

A pet bed must be large, comfortable and made of easy-to-clean materials. Cheap beds are often made of materials that are quickly damaged by contact with the dog’s claws or teeth. Instead of buying a poor quality dog bed, you can make one yourself and it is of great quality

Which dog bed for my dog?

Before you begin making a bed for your dog, you will need to determine its dimensions. Remember that the bed must be large enough for your dog to lie down on but not too large so that he feels overwhelmed by it.

To determine the optimum size, measure your dog when it is sleeping on its side and add 20 cm on each side. This will give you the ideal size for your pet.

A large bed that is easy to construct

If your pet is large, it’s best if you prepare a bed that doesn’t require a lot of work, such as: sewing or nailing boards together. To make this dog bed you will need:

  • two pieces of fabric – the best will be fleece, microfiber or micky,
  • pillows – the number depends on the size of the bed,
  • sharp scissors,
  • stapler.

Making the bed step by step:

  1. Add 15 cm on each side to the size of the bed and then cut the material according to this dimension. If the bed is to be 80 x 140 cm, cut out material of 95 x 155 cm,
  2. Staple the cushions together with a staple gun so that they match the size of the bed, e.g.: If you have a bed measuring 80 x 120 cm you will need 8 cushions measuring 40 x 40 cm,
  3. Place the prepared material on top of one another. Cut the edges of both materials 3 cm apart to a depth of 10 cm,
  4. Place the joined pillows between the two layers of fabric.

Tie the top strip together with the bottom strip along the entire length of the bed. The effect will resemble a fringe and the fabric will be firmly attached.

This bed is great for both large and small pets.

Wooden pet beds

A dog bed made of wood will work great for small dogs. One of the advantages of this bed is that you can engrave your pet’s name on it. To make a wooden pet bed, you will need

  • sanded wooden boards – cut to size boards can be ordered from a DIY store or sawmill. One of the boards should have a semicircular or square opening,
  • a screwdriver and screws or a hammer and nails,
  • a drill,
  • 4 furniture feet,
  • wooden dowels,
  • paint and brush,
  • sponge,
  • fabric (preferably thicker, e.g.: fleece, fleece, mica),
  • upholstery stapler.

Step by step:

  1. First make the sides of the bed. You can connect the boards with screws or nails. Place the board with the hole at the front of the bed,
  2. Attach the bottom of the bed to the prepared frame,
  3. Turn the bed upside down and attach the legs to it,
  4. Paint the board construction,
  5. Cut the sponge to the size of the box inside so that it can be easily pulled out and put in,
  6. Cut a fabric 10 cm larger on each side than the sponge,
  7. Place the fabric over the sponge and attach it with an upholstery stapler,
  8. Insert the upholstered sponge into the wooden structure.

Crate bed

A fruit crate sold at the store will be perfect for a small dog bed. To make this dog bed you will need:

  • a wooden fruit crate,
  • a pillow of the size of the crate,
  • pillowcase,
  • paint,
  • sandpaper.

Step-by-step implementation:

  1. The wooden box should first be matted with sandpaper,
  2. Paint it any color you like,
  3. Insert pillow in pillowcase.

Making a dog bed on your own is not difficult and laborious. A bed made in such a way can be a decorative element in your house

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