What should the top of the dining table be made of – the best materials

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What should the top of the dining table be made of – the best materials

The dining room table is the heart of this room. Therefore, it is worth choosing a piece of furniture that is functional and aesthetically pleasing. See what types of countertops there are and which one you should choose for your dining table.

Dining table – the heart of the house

The dining table is a very important piece of furniture in every home. It is at it that we eat dinners together, celebrate birthdays of household members, and often even spend evenings on family board game skirmishes. The wide use of the dining table makes us think decently before buying it. We need to answer the question of what purpose the piece of furniture will be used for, as it is largely the purpose of the table that determines what kind of top we should choose.

What should be the top of the dining table?

For many of us, an important criterion when choosing the material from which the dining table top should be made is its durability. And rightly so, since it is put to many tests, and one of the most severe is putting dishes with hot food directly on the table. It is important, therefore, that the tabletop is resistant to high temperatures. The appropriate hardness of the countertop also greatly affects its durability – countertops made of soft wood will not work well for a table that is heavily used. When looking at the characteristics of specific types of countertop, we must also not forget to pay attention to the ease of cleaning. The dining table is exposed to spilled food or drinks. Therefore, it is worth it that cleaning a stain from red wine, for example, is not too problematic.

What should the dining room table top be made of?

In furniture stores today we can find tables made of a wide variety of materials. Which dining room table tops are worth betting on? You will find the answer below.

  • A table top made of wood is a very classic solution. The right type of wood will make the table not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. In the case of a dining table, it is worth betting on a top made of hard beech or oak wood. An interesting solution is also to bet on teak, which is not only hard, but also resistant to moisture.
  • Glass countertop – it is not as popular as a wooden countertop, but it is definitely worth considering. A countertop made of tempered glass has numerous advantages. It is very durable, easy to clean and resistant to moisture. Tempered glass of good quality is safe – we do not have to worry that the countertop will break due to a small impact. To damage it, you need a really strong force.
  • Laminated countertop – an obvious choice for kitchen tables, but a little less popular for dining room furniture. Its big advantage is the price – it is usually quite a lot cheaper than a wood or glass countertop. Laminate table tops are resistant to heat, friction and moisture. It is decided by people who are looking for a dining table in an original color, as this type of tops are available in many color versions.
  • Quartz sinter countertop – sounds a bit exotic, but this material is usually a composition consisting of quartz, slate clay and granite rocks. Quartz sinter countertops are durable and resistant to mechanical damage. The disadvantage of this beautiful material is the relatively high price.

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