Furniture that will fit in the kitchen combined with the dining room

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Furniture that will fit in the kitchen combined with the dining room

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A common solution, both in smaller apartments in blocks of apartments and in large detached houses, is to combine the kitchen with the dining room. This is extremely functional, but also very aesthetic and impressive. We suggest what furniture will fit into such interiors.

Division of space

Let’s start with the fact that in the case of rooms that are ultimately to serve several functions, the most important thing is the appropriate division of space. In the kitchen-dining room, it is best to separate one typically working part and there place typically kitchen furniture and accessories such as countertops, stove, sink and refrigerator. This space will serve you for preparing meals and storing food and dishes. The second part should be used for a table and chairs, trying to make it comfortable and spacious. You can separate these two zones, for example, with a countertop or a kitchen island. It is also quite important to arrange the furniture and equipment in such a way that the person cooking meals does not have to stand with his/her back to the table too often. In this way, all present household members or friends and family will be able to participate in conversation without interference.


Once you have determined which part of the interior will serve as the kitchen and which as the dining room, you can move on to choosing furniture for both these parts. We suggest what will be the most convenient and interesting.

Kitchen furniture with sliding doors

To make your room comfortable and functional, it is worth choosing such kitchen built-in furniture that will save as much space as possible. This will make moving around the kitchen more comfortable. Such a solution will be kitchen furniture with sliding doors. With them, you don’t have to worry that you won’t have a way to open the cabinets or that it will be inconvenient

Table for the dining area

It is often said that the table is the heart of the home. Therefore, even if you decide to combine the kitchen with the dining room, it is advisable to choose a striking and elegant model. A great choice that will work in most interiors are wooden tables. A table with chairs will look best placed against the wall opposite to the kitchen area. You can find beautiful high quality tables at Signu.

Bar furniture

An interesting and effective proposal for a kitchen combined with a dining room will also be bar furniture. Bar stools, in particular, will look great as a place to sit at the kitchen island. You can also purchase for the kitchen a small bar, for storing liquor. This solution will be a brilliant idea if you are planning to host parties, both smaller and larger ones.

What else to keep in mind?

When decorating a kitchen combined with a dining room, it is worth remembering about a few other things. It’s important to choose a quiet cooker hood. Too loud a ventilator that will be running non-stop will interfere with the enjoyment of a meal and the company of guests or household members at the table. It is also worth taking care of good lighting, so that the light is comfortable both for preparing meals and eating them. In addition, an elegant chandelier will be a great addition to emphasize the character of the interior. Also choose a variety of decorations and accessories and try to have a similar, but slightly different color scheme, which will allow for a subtle separation of the dining and kitchen areas.

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