Danish design – why does it delight?

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Danish design – why does it delight?

Minimalism, functionality, harmony and subtle colors are the hallmarks of Danish design. Simplicity and attention to every detail distinguish designers coming from Denmark. Thanks to them, sophisticated and useful objects are created, which have stolen hearts of fans all over the world. Let’s find out why Danish design delights so many people.

The birth of Danish style dates back to the 1930s and Kaarem Klint is considered the pioneer. It was he who designed furniture that appealed to the consumers of the time. Danish design began to develop rapidly after World War II. Talented designers were quickly noticed and appreciated on the international arena. They received many prestigious awards. They became an inspiration for many entrepreneurs, among others for LEGO.

Danish design – simplicity of arrangement which encourages to action

Danish design looks great in modern, minimalistic interiors. Soft-touch fabrics and woolen carpets create a pleasant atmosphere. Shades of white and beige dominate the interior. Pastel colors contrast perfectly with accessories in expressive, deep colors. It is important not to overdo it with their quantity.

A Danish interior cannot lack decorations made of natural materials or those referring to them in shape or texture. This could be, for example, a candlestick imitating stone or a wicker flowerbed. Lighten the room with original, simple lamps, often in geometric shapes

A modest decor adds lightness. The amount of decorations is not distracting so it is easy to focus and relax here. There is order everywhere, which will put you in a good mood. You will regenerate faster in such an interior. Thanks to this, you’ll be more motivated to work and will perform your duties more efficiently.

Danish interior – wood and old furniture in harmony with nature

Danish design loves wood. A wooden floor looks stunning. The planks can be laid in many different ways. The parquet can be brushed or aged to create an interesting effect. This will help you create a unique atmosphere

Wooden furniture in natural colors is a real eye-catcher. Beautifully exposed grain gives the impression of closeness with nature. Very often lounge furniture refers in its form to the 50s and 60s of the last century. Comfortable seats, high legs and round shapes look fantastic. Soft upholstery fabrics are easy to keep clean and increase comfort while relaxing. You can sit back and enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee.

Stylish ergonomic armchairs and chairs are wonderful. You can sit back and relax in them. The stark lines of the cabinets go well with the subtle, streamlined decorative elements. Some of them are true masterpieces. You’ll love them.

The sturdy, durable materials are environmentally friendly, too. If you are a fan of ecological solutions, you should choose Danish design.

Danish design will help you enjoy life

French people are guided by joie de vivre philosophy in their lives, so they know how to enjoy small things. Danes, on the other hand, have created their own way to happiness – hygge. According to this ideology, peace of mind can be achieved in comfortable and safe conditions. The idea is also reflected in interior design. Danish objects evoke positive associations and allow us to capture fleeting moments.

Danish interiors are very well organized. They should be spacious and comfortable, so that people feel at ease. Comfortable, calm arrangements also help to take care of social contacts. Guests feel really good here. Danish style will make your home bustling.

Summary: Danish design – why does it delight?

Who of us does not dream of an idyllic life. Danes showed the world that it is possible. It is enough to open yourself to the world to see its beauty. You can really enjoy every single thing. It can be a cup of hot coffee, time spent with a child or a walk. Happiness lies in simplicity, which is why Danish design is characterized by minimalism.

It is not quantity, but quality that counts here. A small number of accessories does not take away the brilliance of the room. Appropriately selected decorations give it an original look. Functional furniture does not clutter the room and soft textiles make the interior cosy. Cleaning up takes less time and you can relax. Isn’t life beautiful?

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