DIY: The most beautiful wooden decorations

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DIY: The most beautiful wooden decorations

Wooden decorations are a perfect complement to e.g. boho or eco style. Not only in these interiors will they work scandinavian minimalism simply loves wooden accents. Here are the most beautiful of them!

Wooden decorations you can make yourself

Wooden wreath

You can make a beautiful decoration out of pieces of wood. You’ll need small pieces of wood such as birch, hot glue, string, moss, flowers and twigs.

Form a circle from the birch tree, which you then glue together using hot glue. When dry, attach the string to the circle, which will allow you to hang the decoration anywhere. Then decorate with pieces of moss, which you attach to the structure using glue. Flowers are best placed on the moss – this will create an interesting composition reminiscent of forest undergrowth. Add a few twigs on the sides and the decoration is ready. You can place it for example on the door or on the window.

Shelves with raw accents

White shelves, which you can find in almost every interior design store, will be a perfect base to create an interesting decoration. If you already have some, all you need to do is to get some round pieces of any wood. It is important that they are exactly the same height as the distance between the shelves. Then attach the wooden pieces to the ends of the boards so that they form supports. It’s good for the branches at each level to create the illusion of joining together. You can connect the wood by using a drill and screws or wood glue

Wooden lamp

A lamp made of wood? It will certainly add character to your interior. Creating it is a bit more difficult but nothing difficult for those who want it. To prepare the lamp you will need a large, quite thick branch, a cable and a lamp end with a bulb. In the branch you need to drill through the space where the base of the lamp will be placed. You can remove it from the one you already have at home. After pulling the wiring to the base you just need to attach the branches that will support the lamp and fit an interesting lampshade, preferably made of natural material such as linen.

Wooden candle holder

This is the simplest of wooden decorations. To make it you will need a thick, flat and wide piece of any tree. All you need to do is to sand it in flat places and coat it with varnish. Once dry, it will make a great candle holder.

Drink coasters

Wooden coasters for drinks will not only be original, but also protect your furniture from dirt and damage. To make them, all you need to do is prepare one medium-thick branch, cut it with a saw into fairly thick but flat pieces and coat them with an impregnator that will make them resistant to temperature and water. An interesting decoration is ready!

Wall lamps with wooden shades

To create such an interesting decoration should be properly prepared. A thin wall lamp will come in handy as a base, along with the tree bark itself and wood glue. Cover the wall lamp with larger pieces of bark so that the joints are as little visible as possible. Also, the base should not stick out beyond the wooden cover. After drying, the wall lamp is ready!

Wooden candle holders

A candle holder made of wood can be decorated with field flowers, for example. To make them, you need taller pieces of branch in which you cut a hole the size of a candle. It’s also worth sanding the other side of the candle holder so that it stands firmly. Place a candle inside and you’re done.

Photo frames

This decoration can be made together with children. You will need round, thin pieces of branches, a hammer, nails and some photos or drawings. Glue the photos on the flat pieces so that they do not stick out of the frame and nail them to the wall with a hammer. This interesting decoration is a great idea for a gift

Wood is an extremely graceful material. With its use you can create really many original decorations.

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