Blinds and pleats as a great substitute for curtains

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Blinds and pleats as a great substitute for curtains

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More and more people are choosing roller blinds as an alternative to traditional curtains. They have a practical use, but can also serve as a decoration. Check what are their advantages and why is it worth choosing them.

The most popular types of roller blinds

Non-invasive roller blinds

These interior roller blinds are very easy to install and do not require special equipment. They are also universal, so they fit most windows. Intrusion-free blinds are made of fabric to keep the room from getting too hot and the sun’s rays from getting in. Since they are available in a variety of colors, it is easy to match them with your room decor. They are equipped with a line that allows to regulate them freely.

Day and night blinds

These roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular because they are simple and hassle-free to install. They have the ability to regulate the level of light that enters the room. With the strips arranged alternately, you can adjust these window blinds as you wish.

Thermal blinds

Not only do they limit the light coming in, but also ensure that the interior does not heat up too quickly. In this way, they ensure that you stay comfortable in your home. As with most types of roller blinds, they are available in many colors so they can be easily matched with the interior design.

Window pleats

Pleats are accordion roller blinds. They are recommended especially for people living in blocks of flats. Thanks to the fact that they can be moved both from the top and from the bottom, the room is bright enough, and at the same time privacy is ensured

Protection in winter

What makes roller blinds different from traditional curtains is that they not only protect against the sun, but also when temperatures are lower. External roller blinds protect against heat loss and ensure that cool air does not enter from outside. This helps you save on your home heating bills. Besides, such blinds also protect against rain and wind.

Privacy protection

This is also an undoubted advantage of roller blinds and window pleats. They block the view on the other side of the window, and this can come in handy especially when the lights are on after dark. External blinds can also reduce the noise that comes in from outside. For this reason, it will be a good option for people who live near busy roads. Manufacturers also offer outdoor anti-burglary roller blinds.

Interior decoration

Roller blinds are also an element of room decoration. Here we are dealing with a wide choice of both colors and types and models. Thanks to this you can match them to the style of each interior. Photorolls presenting any pattern are also an interesting solution.

For a better night’s sleep

Roller blinds can provide 100% blackout. This is an extremely useful function at night, because they can provide the right conditions for sleep. No moonlight or street lamps will enter the room, making for a better night’s sleep. Such blinds even allow you to sleep in complete darkness during the day.

Other advantages

Blinds can also be useful when you are using a TV or computer and the sun’s rays reflect on the screen. Unlike traditional curtains, blinds don’t need ironing or washing, so keeping them clean is easier. They are also easy and quick to install.

Roller blinds are a safe solution for people with allergies – curtains collect dust, while roller blinds do not, thanks to their rigid structure. It is worth choosing roller blinds to measure, because then we can be sure that they will be perfectly matched to the size of windows and to the height of window sills.

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