How to repot a dracaena?

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How to repot a dracaena?

In recent times, we increasingly care that our interiors contain as much greenery as possible. Both larger and smaller plants have begun to appear in apartments. One of them are dracaenas. They are graceful potted flowers, which if we take care of them, will thank us with large growth and beautiful appearance.

When is the best time to repot a dracaena?

The best time to repot most potted flowers, including dracaenas, is at the beginning of spring, namely from mid-March to the end of April. This is when the plants develop best. Of course, there are times when we have to repot in a different month, especially if we have just bought a flower which is growing in a pot which is far too small.

What to remember?

It is best to put the dracaena into a clay or ceramic pot. The bottom should be covered with expanded clay to provide proper drainage for the plant. You can buy special soil mixtures for dracaena on the market. You can also create it yourself by combining humus with peat and a bit of charcoal. Fill half of the pot with this mixture and place the plant in it. Fill the rest with soil. Finally, water it. And you’re done.

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