5 species of flowers that are easy to grow

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5 species of flowers that are easy to grow

Potted flowers are a decoration of any interior, they warm it up and give a unique atmosphere. But not everybody has time and “hand to flowers”. What should be a guiding principle while choosing flowers for your home? What flowers are the easiest in cultivation?

What should I consider when choosing flowers for the house?

When choosing potted plants for your home, there are three important principles to follow:

  1. Choose plants in terms of position, that is, where they will stand, such as on a sunny windowsill or in a dark corner of the room.
  2. If you have pets at home, check whether the chosen species are not poisonous for them, e.g. sansewieria is poisonous for cats.
  3. The pot should match the interior and emphasize the beauty of the plant inside.

The TOP 5 easiest potted flowers to grow

Easy-to-grow potted flowers are a great solution for people who are

  • busy people,
  • forgetful,
  • beginners.

Flowers which are easy to grow only need to be provided with

  • proper soil,
  • the right position,
  • watering – usually only once a week is enough.

Potted flowers are great for enlivening interiors, giving them a cozy feel. Below is the TOP5 list of the easiest flowers to cultivate, which are resistant to adverse conditions and do not require special care.


Zamioculcas is a beautiful flower resistant to drought and lack of light. The plant does not need frequent watering – it stores water in its large dark green glossy leaves. Zamioculcas is ideal for busy and forgetful people. It grows very slowly – about 2 cm per year, reaching a maximum height of 100 cm.

Zamioculcas is a potted plant that purifies the air from various toxins including xylene and toluene. The plant has a calming effect. It is suitable not only for home growing but also for the office.


Sansevieria, also called serpentine or mother-in-law’s tongues, is a chameleon plant – it can perfectly adapt to any interior and its conditions. It does not require frequent watering, which makes it an ideal plant for busy and forgetful people. It grows up to about 150 cm high.

Sansevieria belongs to the on-air plants, i.e. plants purifying the air from carcinogenic toxins, such as benzene.

Notable Sansevieria species are:

  • ‘Moonshine’,
  • cylindrica ‘Mini Rocket’,
  • “Honey Boney”,
  • “Black Coral”,
  • “Futura Superba”.


Aloe is one of the potted plants resistant to lack of water – it keeps it in its leaves. Some varieties of this plant have very interesting shape and beautifully colored leaves. Aloe vera is most often grown at home:

  • common,
  • trees.

Aloe is one of the plants that purify the air from toxins, mold and carbon monoxide, among others. The juice from the leaves of this plant is excellent for e.g:

  • treating burns,
  • treatment of skin allergies,
  • detoxification of the body.


Dracaena is one of the most popular houseplants. It is very easy in cultivation, however, it requires more frequent watering. It is an ideal plant for beginners – it does not require any care. This plant purifies the air from all toxins, its ornamentation is beautiful leaves. The most popular land of this plant includes dracaena:

  • fringed,
  • dragon,
  • lucky bamboo,
  • fragrant.


Thickets, also called lucky tree, is a succulent plant. It can withstand even prolonged drought very well, thanks to the water retention in its leaves. When it grows, it takes the shape of a tree and can be formed like a bonsai. Thickets are also among the air-purifying plants. Some of the most popular species of this plant include:

  • hottentot,
  • hobbit,
  • springtime.
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