Cast iron radiator – to enclose or not?

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Cast iron radiator – to enclose or not?

As a rule, the cast iron radiator can be found in older apartments or historic buildings. The arrangement of a space with such a heating element requires it to match the entire arrangement. Then many people decide to enclose it with a special cover. However, is there any other way to fit it into the look of a modern room? Here’s what you can do with a cast iron radiator!

Cast iron radiator in the apartment – how to fit it into the arrangement

Many people dream of living in an atmospheric house or townhouse, which have their own unique soul and atmosphere. On top of that, such apartments are tall and have amazing windows that make them find their supporters all the time. However, they have elements that turn out to be very expensive to replace. We are talking, among other things, about cast-iron radiators. This solution was installed in homes for many years. True, it takes a long time to heat up, but you could count on the heat to last for many hours.

However, it does not always fit with the arrangement of the apartment, especially if it is kept in a minimalist or modern style. In such situations, quite a few people choose to install stylish covers that allow the radiator to remain functional. You can also cover it with an adapted paint. The absolute basis in this case is to match the solution to the aesthetics in which the room is preserved.

Match the cover to the arrangement

A cast iron radiator that is encased in the right way can become a very functional and interesting design element. You can use this space to develop a practical alcove for resting with cushions and very comfortable upholstery. Of course, when making such a cover, remember to take care of the openings that will dissipate heat and allow you to maintain adequate circulation.

Of course, the possibilities in the field of covers are many. You can choose openwork solutions that look beautiful in interiors preserved in boho or Scandinavian style. On the other hand, in an industrial climate you can bet on a cast-iron radiator in its pure form. Of course, it is worth covering it with, for example, black paint, which will harmonize very interestingly with the raw atmosphere of such an interior. 

It is also great to enclose the radiator with a metal frame, which will allow you to create a place ideal for placing various items. In glamour interiors it is worth completely covering the cast iron radiator, which even after covering with paint will not look good. A white or light gray cover will look best. You can also use cushions on which it will be possible to sit additionally.

Such interesting and practical solutions are worth using in your homes, especially if the cast iron radiator does not fit into your vision of the apartment. As a rule, its removal can be expensive, so it is better if it remains in place. It is also worth mentioning that it is a reliable source of heat that can work flawlessly for many years.

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