Decorations you can sew yourself at home

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Decorations you can sew yourself at home

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You can make many decorations for your home with your own hands, it’s really easy. It all depends on your creativity and the amount of free time you have. See what you can do on your own with a sewing machine

Decorative pillows

Pillowcases are a great accessory that’s also practical. There are lots of combinations and you have a wide choice of materials. You can successfully match them to virtually any style of room. For elegant interiors, for example, you can choose satin and velour. They look luxurious and add a touch of chic. You can be sure of good quality if you choose them yourself from a reliable source. Store-bought cushions are often poorly made and quickly deteriorate and fade. It is a good idea to use leftover material from making other decorations. This is a very ecological way, which is highly appreciated nowadays

Hand sewn pillowcases have many advantages. One of them is choosing the right size for the pillows. This is very useful if they have non-standard dimensions. You can also make the same pillowcases of different sizes, creating an interesting set. Such sets are not always available in stores. You also have the opportunity to choose a fabric with a specific design. For example, floral motifs and geometric patterns look interesting. It is also worth choosing intense colors that will be a strong element in the room

Such pillowcases can be made even by beginners. Just see step-by-step instructions on how to sew them, they are available on the Internet. The janome juno e1019 sewing machine can be helpful in this. It is an easy to use equipment that is ideal for home conditions. It also has extra amenities to aid the entire process. Besides, it comes with an instruction manual that will help you start your sewing adventure

Original curtains

You can also make curtains with your own hands, if you are a patient and thorough person. The first step, of course, will be the choice of fabric. You can go to a special store to see how they look in person. In this case, you also have the opportunity to choose the perfect size and material. You can choose it according to your preferences. Light and delicate fabrics mainly serve a decorative function. On the other hand, the thicker and heavier ones provide protection from the sun and allow you to keep your privacy

To make curtains, you will need the right equipment that will make the work much easier. Minerva sewing machines may prove helpful. The whole series is aimed at beginners who are just starting their adventure with sewing. In addition, they have affordable prices. With them, you can sew numerous decorations for your home

Bedspreads and blankets

Our handicrafts for you to make at home are bedspreads and blankets of all kinds. You can sew these types of decorations using the janome machine. It is simple to use, but it also has many advanced features. It is worth investing in such equipment in case you intend to make more such decorations

You can freely choose the colors and texture of these items. If you place them in a room or living room, you will give the interior an individual and original character. You can easily match them to the style of the room. You will also have the satisfaction of the work done, because these accessories will remind you every day. You can find inspiration for blankets and bedspreads online, for example on Pinterest. You can also get inspired by ready-made products that you find in stores. This will help you find yourself better in the current trends and create something really interesting

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