5 non-obvious ways to store your jewelry

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5 non-obvious ways to store your jewelry

Would you like to display your jewelry? If you have the right conditions – go ahead! Just remember not to expose rings or necklaces in places that are exposed to moisture. This will prevent discoloration.

Cake platter

What about arranging your necklaces, earrings or hair pins on a cake platter? You can stack your jewelry and then set the whole structure on your bedroom cabinet or dresser dresser. As we mentioned in the introduction, it is worth taking care that the jewelry does not discolor. It is necessary to avoid moisture and temperature changes.

Cups or bowls in a drawer

If you want to designate a drawer for storing jewelry, you can put small bowls, mugs or glasses in it. This way you can sort out your bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Larger beads or models work best here because delicate chains can get tangled.

Egg tray

You can store small necklaces and small earrings in a special plate designed for eggs. It looks aesthetically pleasing and also gives you a chance to sort out your jewelry.

Long pendants on a hanger

If you like necklaces and pendants, you can hang them on a hanger. Beforehand, be sure to organize the place, that is, fix hooks on the inside part.

Ice cream trays

Ice-cream trays will also provide you with a good organization. You can put bracelets, earrings or necklaces in the holes.

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