TOP 10 ideas for a library under the stairs

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TOP 10 ideas for a library under the stairs

Reading lots of books is a pleasure, but there is often a problem with storing them. Not in every house there will be space for a huge library, in which books will look very stylish. How to use the space under the stairs for a bookcase?

Top 10 ideas for a bookcase under the stairs

A bookcase under the stairs is a great solution for real bookworms and fits into any interior style.

In a modern interior

In a classic interior

Traditional and modern

In an American style

Wooden stairs as bookshelves

Classics a little different

Living room and bookcase

In an industrial interior

In a French home

In a romantic style

Can every stair be built-in?

The space under the stairs can be used if the stairs are single flight or broken. In small houses the most common stairs are drawn and spiral – it is very problematic to use the space under these stairs

Single flight stairs are the cheapest solution, which allows to use large space under the stairs. Not only a library, but also a closet can be arranged there. Unfortunately, a big disadvantage of single flight stairs is the number of steps.

Split stairs are perfect for terraced houses, they are much safer and more comfortable to use than single flight stairs.

Library under the stairs only on dimension

The best solution to use the space under the stairs are furniture on dimension, which make great use of available space. It is worth ordering such furniture from a carpenter with a reputation.

What type of bookcase should I choose?

A bookcase as a traditional piece of furniture is often made to measure. Depending on the books to be stored, a bookcase may be an open bookcase or a bookcase with glass doors. An interesting option is a combination of both. Such a bookcase should be accented with spot lighting.

The most popular type of bookcases are simple bookcases to store books or albums. This type of bookcase fits into any interior. Recently openwork bookcases, in which wood is combined with glass, have become very fashionable. Equally fashionable are bookcases made of MDF imitating stone

The bookcaseunder the stairs may be in an open or closed version, with glass or wood imitating fronts – they may be swinging or sliding. A bookcase with glass fronts looks better visually as they reflect light, optically enlarging the interior. If the fronts of the bookcase under the stairs are sandblasted, a very interesting visual effect can be achieved

A modern yet industrial bookcase under the stairs may be obtained when the visible elements of its construction are made of aluminum combined with MDF board and glass.

Incorporating the bookcase in the space under the stairs adds elegance to the room if it is visible from the living room. To bring out the beauty of the bookcase under the stairs, it should be suitably illuminated

Under-stairs bookcase lighting

The lighting of a bookcase under the stairs is mainly decorative. Illuminated shelves appear deeper and the bookcase itself seems to be more spacious. The bookcase under the stairs may be illuminated by means of:

  • halogen lamp,
  • a tall standing lamp,
  • lED lamp.
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