Mounting a TV to the ceiling – with what and how to do it?

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Mounting a TV to the ceiling – with what and how to do it?

Hanging a TV on the ceiling is a big space saver. How can it be mounted there?

Ceiling bracket for the TV

To mount a TV on the ceiling, you need to purchase a ceiling mount for the TV. This type of mount is most often chosen in living spaces in the attic or when it is not possible to mount the TV on the wall. Lightweight plasterboard wall structures are not able to support such a heavy load as a TV set.

Most ceiling mounts are made of powder coated steel. They have modern and elegant design. They can support TVs up to 60 kg. These mounts can be fully adjusted vertically and horizontally.

The foldable TV mount has an adjustment of about 90°C. This allows you to adjust it in a comfortable way. This solution will work well in the bedroom. This allows you to watch TV while lying down and save space.

Installing the TV to the ceiling

Before mounting, you need to buy a ceiling mount tailored to your needs. In addition to the mount and the TV, you will need:

  • screws for mounting (usually included with the bracket);
  • drills;
  • drill; screwdriver;
  • a ladder;
  • wrenches and screwdrivers.

Before starting the work, mark the places on the ceiling where the TV will be mounted. Each TV has mounting brackets in a different place. Therefore, you need to fix the mounting brackets in the right places. They should be positioned in such a way that they overlap with the mounting slots in the TV set.

The ceiling to which the TV is to be fixed should be smooth and even – it makes the installation of the bracket easier. In the previously marked places, attach the mounting plate – the second part of the bracket. During installation, make sure that the studs stick well to the ceiling. If they are too loose, the TV may fall down.

A great solution is to drill a hole in the ceiling and run the wires down. Another way is to install an extension that mounts to the bracket. There are some bracket models available in stores without an extension

Is it worth to hang the TV on the wall?

It all depends on the interior design. If you want to watch TV in a reclining or semi-reclining position, then hanging the TV from the ceiling is a great solution.

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