DIY: Mirror with a flower frame

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DIY: Mirror with a flower frame

More and more willingly we decorate our homes with hand-made decorations. Such renovated according to your own idea decor elements make our apartment look unique and gain a unique charm.

Among the most popular renovated and decorated items are mirrors. It is difficult to imagine a bathroom, bedroom, hallway, and often even living room without at least one mirror. Thanks to this functional addition, we can quickly check our appearance and optically enlarge the room. If we are bored with the look of our mirror, in a quick way we can refresh it. Fashionable, but also timeless decoration are all kinds of artificial flowers. Mirror embellished with floral decorations will fit into the interiors decorated in a romantic, English or rustic style. It will also be a beautiful complement to the bedroom of a little girl or a teenager.

First, refresh ..

Before we proceed to decorate the mirror, first take care of refreshing the frame, especially if it is made of wood. First of all, protect the glass sheet against possible dirt and damage – for this purpose you can cover it with paper attached to the edges of the mirror and glued with painter’s tape. Then clean the frame of the old varnish. If you would like to achieve an aged effect, do not polish the frame too long and thoroughly, but leave the varnish marks on it.

After cleaning the frame, we can paint it with paint, the color of which should match both the interior decor, in which the mirror will hang, and the chosen floral ornaments. The most universal option is white paint, but pastel colors, such as roses, blues and beiges will also work. At your discretion and depending on the desired effect, apply one or two coats of paint – one coat will make the frame look shabby, but some people may want this result.

…then decorating

Once the frame is dry after painting, we proceed to decorating the mirror. Of course, you will need artificial flowers, which can be found, for example, in online stores. You can decide on ready-made bouquets or choose individual pieces of different flowers – roses, peonies, carnations or peonies – from which you can arrange your own compositions. It is also worth buying artificial leaves or decorative branches to complement the bouquet or provide a background for the flowers. To glue decorations you will need hot glue and possibly scissors if you want to cut something.

Before gluing the flowers arrange the composition of them and decide where you want to put it – you can decorate only one corner of the mirror, two (for example, opposite) or the entire frame – it depends only on our artistic vision. If you like the arranged decoration, stick the flowers with hot glue. And you’re done!

How to decorate a mirror without a frame?

Some mirrors don’t have frames or they are too narrow to stick floral decorations on them. In this case you can make the frame yourself. Styrofoam stucco strips will work best. They should be cut at 45 degree angle, glued and painted with acrylic paint in chosen color. After the paint dries, attach the frame around the hanging mirror and decorate it with flowers.

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