How to make a macramé yourself?

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How to make a macramé yourself?

DIY ornaments give extraordinary satisfaction. You can relax while making them, and a handmade decoration is a source of pride for many. See how to get down to making macramé.

Where to start learning macramé?

To get your macramé adventure off to a positive start, be sure to choose something simple (such as a cup coaster or small wall macramé) for your first project. Macramé weaving has the advantage that the only thing you need to purchase to try your hand at it is string. And here we have some very important tips for you. 

Make your first macramé with braided cord. For those who are new to this technique, we do not recommend using twisted cord, because when learning macramé, you often have to untangle the uneven weave, which the twisted cord may simply not withstand – it will start to unravel, making further work very difficult. Bet also on the appropriate thickness of the cord – learning macramé will be easier on cords a little thicker. Thus, a braided cord with a thickness of 5 mm will be optimal.

If you intend to make macramé for the wall, then a hoop (the most popular are metal and wooden) or a wooden stick may also come in handy. You can successfully find a stick in the woods during a walk. After bringing it home, all you need to do is clean it and dry it.

Is it difficult to make macramé?

Making macramé is not difficult, but it is definitely not a technique that everyone will find themselves in. Braiding strings, especially with large projects made of thin cord, can be a time-consuming task. Learning macramé itself is best to start by working out even knots, and only then move on to making the chosen project.

Macramé – knots for beginners

People who have been weaving macramé for a long time use a lot of weaves and knots to make their projects. Don’t worry about that. In the beginning, it is enough for you to learn the basic 2 knots. From them you will manage to make very impressive projects. The basic knots in macramé are:

  • straight knot,
  • rib knot.

Macramé is best learned from tutorials. Watching videos and trying to braid strings at the same time gives the best results. Therefore, if you want to learn how to braid a simple knot, we recommend this tutorial. Learning rib knots, on the other hand, will be easy with this video.

Once you have learned how to perform a straight knot and a rib knot equally, here comes the most pleasant part – you can get down to your first macramé. 

Macramé for beginners – what to do?

Choosing your first macramé project can be exciting. Once you learn the basic knots of macramé, a lot of possibilities open up to you. However, it is worth choosing something small and less complicated for your first work. The time for large wall macramé or flowerbeds will come when you become proficient in weaving. So which macramé do we recommend for beginners? A small hanging macramé or cup coasters are simple but effective projects for a first job.

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