Braided garden swing – a hit this season!

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Braided garden swing – a hit this season!

Do you like to relax outdoors? Do you love relaxing in the garden after a hard day? If so, then pay attention to the woven garden swing. It wonderfully reflects the hibernating transformation process of nature observed in the insect world. It provides comfort at the highest level

How to choose an elegant and comfortable swing for the garden?

Garden swings come in a variety of colors and shapes. They are made of comfortable, solid and elegant materials. They are available at an attractive price, so that they do not overstrain the household budget

Very popular are the wooden models. If you like timeless and universal solutions, they are sure to appeal to you. They look great in any garden.

Do you feel constantly stressed? Do you want to take a break from everyday problems? Settle down in a comfortable garden swing woven from wicker twigs. Although it only weighs 15 kg, it can carry up to 200 kg, allowing you to relax together with your partner. You will find models with a width and height of 105 cm and a depth of 70 cm, among others.

Whether you are looking for a white, brown or black swing, you are sure to find one to your liking. It is painted with natural paints, so it does not cause allergic reactions. You can put a cosy cushion on it in a color of your choice

Elegant and durable garden swings

Some manufacturers offer swings made of a classic mixture of dark rattan and wicker. The main advantage of natural materials is that they look very chic. In addition, they are of high quality, so such swings can quietly serve you for a long time

Synthetic rattan is perfect for outdoor use. It shows high resistance to adverse weather conditions. It is not afraid of wind, rain or sun rays

Fashionable hanging chairs for home and garden

You’ll find elegant and modern hanging chairs in stores. You can style them in many ways. What’s important is that they look great both indoors and outdoors. If you like original solutions, pay attention to the white macramé hammock chair

When choosing a swing for your garden, pay attention to the height of the frame. In most cases, a suspension height of 215 cm will work best

The weight of the swing is especially important if you want to move it. If you do not intend to do so, you can choose a heavier and sturdier model. This way, it will not bend, even under greater weight

A covered patio and an elegant swing are a proven duo. Hang a swing on one of the beams. This will protect you from rain and sun. If you want, replace traditional garden chairs with hanging swings. You can find both single-seater and double-seater models in stores. So you can customize them to suit your needs. Are you dreaming of a non-standard seating area? Then place a coffee table in the middle and hang swings on the sides

Stylish and durable garden swings in rattan

If you want to make yourself feel better, sit on a swing on a sunny day. Enjoy the rays of the sun, the light breeze and the sounds of nature. A change of environment relieves stress and helps clear your mind. By relaxing in the fresh air, you also strengthen your immunity and improve your concentration. You also become more creative. This makes you more willing to face new challenges.

If you feel stressed, go outside and get some fresh air. After a hard day at work, sit on the swings for a while and take a few deep breaths. Get away from everyday worries, at least for a while

Theright swing supports the whole body and relieves the back. It relaxes your muscles wonderfully, making you feel rested and ready for action. A braided swing has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Stylish and beautiful piece of furniture pleases the eye. Wonderfully decorates the garden, terrace or veranda.

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