Why You Should Love Chalk Paint, 5 Reasons To Love Chalk Paint

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Why You Should Love Chalk Paint, 5 Reasons To Love Chalk Paint

For those of you who have never heard of chalk paint before, it’s an easy to use paint that has recently taken the craft world by storm. It is specifically designed to look as if it were painted with actual chalk, making it one of the best options around if you want to update your space with an antique or vintage vibe! Despite what its name may lead you to believe, however, chalk paint can be used on more than just chalkboards – you can use it on wood, metal, plastic, and even canvas.

Chalk Paint Colors

Annie Sloan has several chalk paint colors to choose from. These paints are water-based and meant to be applied with a wax brush. They can be applied to wood, glass, plaster, and even fabrics. Once you have a base coat on your piece of furniture or decorative object you can apply further layers of Annie Sloan wax in a darker color to create an antique look that is both warm and sophisticated. Use your imagination for decorating projects such as stenciling tablecloths or covering picture frames with fabric. In addition to creating a stunning finish for any piece of decorating you can use chalk paint for many other jobs around your home: Furniture restoration, wood repair, and painting shelves are just some ideas. The uses for chalk paint are only limited by your imagination! Here’s how it works:

Annie Sloan Chalk paint comes in a wide variety of colors including greys, whites, pinks, reds, and yellows. There are also special effects chalk paints that come with glitter mixed into them which makes them very eye-catching. The main thing about chalk paint is it must be used with its own special sealer called Soft Wax. The great thing about using chalk paint is once you get past the preparation work it’s very easy to use! There’s no sanding or priming involved so all you need to do is clean off your surface then apply one layer of soft wax over it before applying two coats of chalk paint over top of it.

Easy to Use and Less Messy Than Regular Paints

One of chalk paint’s best qualities is its ease of use. It goes on smooth and doesn’t drip or splatter—this makes it an ideal choice for those who aren’t used to painting. On top of that, it comes in a wide variety of colors, from neutral shades like beige and tan to vibrant hues like emerald green and cobalt blue. No matter what kind of look you’re going for, chalk paint has a shade for you. One downside is that certain brands may take several coats to achieve full coverage—though most chalk paints will cover furniture or walls with just one coat! There are also plenty of techniques available to help make your space look even more beautiful. For example, if you have woodwork around your windows or doors, consider using a chalk paint color that contrasts with your wall color to draw attention to it. If you don’t have woodwork but still want a decorative touch, try stenciling over your wall color. You can find chalk paint ideas online and at home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

How Easy Is It to Use?

One of the great things about chalk paint is that it’s so easy to use. When you mix Annie Sloan’s two-part formula together, you can use a paintbrush to apply it straight from your container. And unlike some paints that leave brush marks and streaks, chalk paint dries smoothly and evenly every time. This means that even if you’re using a tester paint color and are going back and forth between colors, you shouldn’t notice any change in texture or finish when switching between applications. The only thing to keep in mind is how much coverage each application will get; generally speaking, one coat of regular chalk paint will cover around 100 square feet.

The Finish

If you’re used to paint-and-primer-type projects, you’ll love that chalk paint is simply applied directly over your surface of choice. Not only does it cut down on prep time, but it also gives you more freedom when deciding what colors to use where. As chalk paint dries fast and doesn’t require a sealant coat (it actually has a matte finish), you can move quickly from idea to execution—giving your home that updated feel in no time at all. And for those color ideas? It’s easy! Whether you’re looking for a soft pastel shade or bold colors in turquoise and orange with white trims, chalk paint has your color style covered.

Main photo: unsplash.com/David Pisnoy

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