What plants to choose for a home office?

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What plants to choose for a home office?

Decorating a home office is quite a challenge, especially if we can’t allocate much space for it. However, even then it is worth putting plants around the desk.

Is it worth setting plants in the office?

Plants are not only an excellent decoration for any room. It is often emphasized that they positively affect our psyche, health and well-being. Plants are excellent at filtering and humidifying the air. They also help to relax eyesight tired of working in front of a computer – it is enough to take your gaze away from the screen for a moment and move it to a plant that stands at some distance from the desk. The green color perfectly relaxes the eyes.

Where to place plants in a home office?

It is a good idea to place plants in your home office so that they do not interfere with your work. If your desk stands by a window, then of course it would be a great idea to green the windowsill. When you don’t have such an option, nothing else is lost – you can set a small flower pot on your desk or place a plant in a hanging flower bed or set it on a wall shelf. Working from your home office, you have the advantage that you decorate it according to your expectations and needs, you don’t have to adapt to company policy. However, be sure to choose a species that will grow well in the conditions your office has. Pay special attention to the light conditions (for example, whether it is a northern or southern windowsill position), humidity levels and the temperature you will maintain in the office. 

What plants for the office?

In a home office, you can go a little crazy in terms of plants. Since you are not limited by company rules, you can choose plants that you like and will be selected to suit your office conditions. So rely on your taste! Fancy having a collection of cacti in your office? If you have enough space for it and your office is very sunny, this will be an excellent choice! By setting up plants that you like in the office, you improve your mood – just a glance at your favorite flower will boost your mood and relax you.

Plants for the office that purify the air

Many people, when looking for plants for the office, rely on those species that experts believe best purify the air. This is a very sensible approach, as plants are able to convert trichloroethane (which appears in printer inks, paints, adhesives and varnishes), benzene (found in gasoline, paints, rubber and oils), formaldehyde (found in adhesives, insect repellents and carpets, for example) and carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Plants that effectively purify the air are:

  • ivy (likes cool and shady positions),
  • diffenbachie (provide it with a light or semi-shaded position),
  • Howea forsteriana (feels best in partial shade),
  • horsetail (set it in semi-shade or shade),
  • Sternberg’s herbaceous (it likes bright positions, but not in direct sunlight),
  • dracaena (feels best indoors on the east or west side, does not like direct sunlight),
  • golden epipremnum (likes bright positions with diffused sunlight),
  • sansewieria (will grow in almost any position, but needs access to bright light for proper leaf coloration),
  • ficus (likes diffused light).

main photo: pixabay.com/donterase

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