Mowers that mow by themselves!

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Mowers that mow by themselves!

For our lawn to be well maintained, it should first and foremost be mowed regularly. It will certainly make it easier for us to use a comfortable robotic lawnmower. This is a real revolution in the gardening market, which will allow us to take care of the garden even when we are not at home. Let’s check what are the characteristics of these devices.

Automatic mowers – what are their main functions

Unlike traditional lawnmowers, robotic lawnmowers, just like robotic vacuum cleaners, have built-in software that allows them to quickly cut the grass without our participation. They have a special system that we program ourselves and adjust to the frequency of grass cutting. This allows us to take care of our garden on an ongoing basis and without any effort.

Automatic mowers can be controlled by our smartphone, which allows us to mow the grass, even when we cannot set the program on the mower ourselves. The device has special sensors that remember the size of the lawn and avoid obstacles. It works very similarly to robotic vacuum cleaners, which scan the area and enter the data into the system

In addition, it is possible to program the mower to cut the grass at a specific time. We can also designate the area to be mowed. In the mower there is also a container for grass clippings, which can be easily emptied and washed after finishing the work of the device. It is important to secure ponds before mowing because the mower does not always detect horizontal obstacles, but only those at the height of the sensors, such as trees or bushes

Installed solar batteries are also a very good solution. Thanks to this, we do not have to remember to connect the mower to the charger before mowing. The solar batteries are connected to rechargeable batteries that recharge while mowing. Mowers that don’t have solar batteries, instead, have the feature of automatically returning to the docking station , so they’re ready for the next mowing we’ve scheduled. This is a great convenience, especially for the elderly who find it tiring to constantly pull out the mower

How do I choose the right robotic lawnmower?

Lawnmowers come in different price ranges. If you want a multifunctional device, you should think about buying an automatic mower with additional functions. If your garden has a large lawn, it’s worth investing in a mower with extendable blades or an overlay that will increase the mowing area. For those looking for a fully automatic mower, models that have rain sensors and a weather station are recommended

If the weather changes, the mower will return to the docking station on its own. This protects it from getting wet and allows you to optimally plan your mowing time. Bluetooth technology allows you to quickly control the mower from your smartphone, as well as program it to mow at the times you want

The app that comes with the mower also makes it easy for us to make a mowing schedule, which speeds up the work in the garden significantly. For large lawns, it is recommended to buy a mower with additional blades, which reduce the working time. Also very important is the number of sensors and their reaction time when encountering an obstacle. Modern mowers at the first mowing automatically scan the entire area, so the device will easily avoid all obstacles. Convenience and ease of use should be a priority for us

More modern models also have a function of mowing right at the edge, so you do not have to correct the mower and cut the grass, for example in a place where the grass grows right next to a driveway or path. A good choice is to invest in a device with a solar battery installed. It is an ecological solution that will allow us to save a little money

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