Panels, tiles or vinyl flooring? What flooring to choose for an open kitchen?

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Panels, tiles or vinyl flooring? What flooring to choose for an open kitchen?

Nowadays we have many ways to finish a kitchen. Each has different aesthetic and practical qualities. Floor tiles are certainly the most popular, although no longer the only solution. Check what kind of floor to choose for an open kitchen.

In kitchens we can already find wooden panels, vinyl flooring, resin flooring, pure raw concrete, stone or trendy terrazzo. As many people as many ideas on how to finish a kitchen. In this article we’ll introduce some of the inspiring solutions and tell you what you should pay attention to in order to make a satisfying choice

What kind of kitchen flooring to choose?

Thekitchen floor should be both aesthetic and functional. While cooking, it often happens that something will spill or leak. The floor should be dirt resistant and easy to keep clean. Splashing grease should not leave stains on the floor after washing, because changing the floor surface is a big expense

For the floor to withstand the many dangers that come with cooking, it must be made of a durable, heat- and water-resistant material. At the same time, it must appeal to us visually

A traditional and proven choice is kitchen tiles. They allow to create many interesting and original arrangements, and at the same time are very durable. Tiles as a finishing element are hosted in many homes, and now we have a wide selection of them. Construction stores offer tiles that imitate other materials such as concrete, wood or even marble. Surely, you can find among them an ideal solution for your apartment, corresponding to all individual requirements. Tiles can be used both in elegant interiors and in minimalistic designer spaces.

What to choose instead of tiles?

Floor tiles in the kitchen create a smooth, easy to clean surface. They don’t absorb water or dirt, which makes them easy to maintain. They are hassle-free to install and relatively inexpensive compared to other finishing materials. Their main disadvantage is rapid wear. With use, scratches and other damage appear that cannot be removed. The higher the quality of the panels, the longer they will maintain a beautiful appearance. Vinyl panels can be such a material. They are durable and waterproof.

Laminated panels are characterized by increased resistance to moisture, and additionally they do not deteriorate in contact with high temperatures. An alternative solution are floors made of stone. Granite cladding is distinguished by a hard surface and is resistant to abrasion

Despite this, it requires thorough impregnation and care with special agents. Precisely laid floor made of high quality stone is a solution for many years. On the other hand, stone beats cold, so it is worth to think carefully before making the final decision. Additional barrier is very high price of raw material and labor. Despite the aesthetic value it is better to avoid marble, sandstone and limestone. They do not work well in kitchen conditions due to their properties. However, manufacturers have found a solution, and in stores you can get a lot of tiles that deceptively resemble these stones.

Open plan kitchen – concluding tips

There is a lot of controversy about wood in the kitchen. It’s a demanding type of flooring, but with proper protection and regular maintenance, it’s also suitable for kitchens. However, it’s not a solution for those who don’t like to clean – as soon as a stain appears, it needs to be removed effectively to avoid discolouration of the boards

Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen presents many challenges. The material should be durable and easy to maintain, but at the same time it has to look good. With an open-plan kitchen, it’s also important that the flooring matches the style of the rest of the room. You can try it on your own, look for inspiration on the Internet or consult a professional interior designer, who will advise on the best solution and give you some ideas.

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