LED strings on the balcony to add variety to your plants

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LED strings on the balcony to add variety to your plants

Every plant lover takes care of their balcony to the last detail if they can. They create clever arrangements. He combines the right species of flowers and plants and takes care of the décor. Then it’s also worth thinking about the choice of lighting, which will diversify and emphasize the beauty of the plants. What to bet on?

Old-style bulbs

This is a hit for several seasons. A string of LED lights in the form of old bulbs will perfectly emphasize the beauty of plants, and will also become their impressive decoration. It will create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening, during which spending time on the balcony will be pure pleasure.

Just a drop!

An interesting proposal will be a combination of a string of led lights along with an old watering can. You put the power supply for the lights inside, and the string itself imitates water pouring from the throat of the watering can. The best effect is achieved when you connect several strings together

On insect wings

An impressive variety of plants on the balcony can become a string of LED lights, whose bulbs are in the form of insects. These charming little lights will wonderfully decorate a tree or shrub placed on the balcony. They will also work well entangled in a storm of flowers.

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