Free-standing bath mixers – everything you need to know

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Free-standing bath mixers – everything you need to know

Free-standing bathtub faucets are making a comeback in the most fashionable designs. Until recently they were considered an unnecessary luxury, impractical and space consuming. Today, however, floor-mounted faucets, available in unique designs, are growing in popularity. Read about what you should know before choosing such a faucet.

Years ago, they were considered not very functional and taking up space, giving way to built-in faucets. Currently, a free-standing bathtub with a floor mounted mixer is again becoming a desired object, synonymous with luxury and refined taste. However, before we decide on such a solution, it is worth getting acquainted with several important aspects.

Free-standing bath mixers – essential space

The look and design of free-standing bath mixers have changed and become much more varied. However, this type of mixer still takes up more space than built-in mix ers. Thus, for a freestanding bathtub with a floor mixer, it is necessary to have a little more space in the bathroom. Hence, their use is recommended in large, spacious bathrooms. Of course, we can also try to incorporate them into smaller bathrooms, but still keep in mind that a certain minimum amount of space for such a solution will be necessary

Free-standing bathtub mixers – costs and installation

Another issue to be taken into consideration when choosing a free-standing bathtub mixer is the higher purchase cost than in the case of built-in mixers. The prices of these types of faucets start from about 1000 zł and can reach up to several thousand, depending on the model

When considering the purchase of a free-standing bathtub faucet, we should think carefully about installation. Its location must be well composed with the bathtub, so as to provide the user with a comfortable access to the faucet, as well as a suitable distance of the water jet from the bathtub wall. It is recommended to install floor mounted mixers when drain pipes end below the level of the upper edge of the bathtub – then they can be easily connected to the mixer using flexible hoses.

We can decide to install a free-standing bathtub mixer when the bathroom is being completely renovated, as its installation requires fitting into the floor and thorough sealing. The tightness of such a faucet is a very important issue due to the fact that the floor faucet is located on the floor, leaks could cause great damage. Another important consideration when installing a freestanding faucet is to maintain inspection holes, which will allow access to the mounting components in case of failure.

Freestanding bath mixers – which model for which bathroom?

At this point it is not only about aesthetics, but also functionality. Floor taps – in addition to the fact that they do indeed look extremely impressive – can also be a functional and satisfying solution. The height of the floor mixer should be appropriately matched to the size of the bathtub. There are mixers available on the market with a standard height of 94 cm, which can be combined with almost any free-standing bathtub model from various manufacturers

Currently, the market offers a variety of free-standing bath mixers. There are both old-fashioned, decorative models and modern, simple and slender faucets, which will perfectly fit into a modern minimalist bathroom. We also have a wide range of colors to choose from – from traditional chrome and silver taps to copper, gold, black, graphite and white models.

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