At what height to hang the mirror in the hallway?

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At what height to hang the mirror in the hallway?

A mirror is a must-have in any hallway. When choosing this accessory for your home, it is worth paying attention to its dimensions, installation method and frame color. How to choose a mirror for the hallway? At what height to hang it? You will find out in the following article

Dimensions of the hall mirror

The dimensions of the mirror in the hallway should be adjusted to the needs of its users. If you want to see your whole silhouette in the mirror, its height must be at least 140 cm. Very popular are mirrors having a height of 200 cm. The hallway with a large mirror will make the interior more spacious.

At what height to hang the mirror?

The height at which we hang the mirror depends on whether we want to see ourselves in it as a whole, or only our face, for example. If the mirror is to look at everyone regardless of his height, the mirror must:

  • be at least 100 cm high,
  • the lower edge of the mirror should be suspended at most 80 cm from the ground.

Mirror, where in the hallway to install it?

A mirror in the hallway has a function:

  • decorative – optically enlarges the room,
  • allows you to look in it before going out.

To properly fulfill both functions, it must be mounted in the right place. Choosing a mirror is an individual matter depending on the size and shape of the room. Choosing a place to mount the mirror, you should take into account several possibilities:

  • mirror as part of the closet – a convenient solution, does not require additional space,
  • mirror as part of the door – is a similar solution to the one above, but there is a greater risk of damaging the mirror when slamming the door,
  • mirror on the entire wall – this is a great option especially for small space, allows you to optically enlarge the room
  • split mirror – instead of one mirror can be mounted several smaller.

Rules for choosing a place to hang the mirror

Arrangement of the anteroom is often treated as neglected. This room is also the least spacious of all in the house – this raises the problem of hanging a mirror. To choose the right place to hang a mirror, you need to follow a few rules. The mirror can not be hung in a place where:

  • vigorously opening the closet door will cause it to break,
  • there are coat hangers next to it,
  • a shoe rack is next to it.

Match the color of the mirror to the rest of the hallway

The frame of the mirror in the hallway should be color-matched to the rest of the furniture in the room. If the mirror is an element of the closet or other furniture, they should be matched to the interior – so that they create a coherent whole.

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