5 interior color palettes that will inspire you!

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5 interior color palettes that will inspire you!

Choosing colors in interiors is quite an art. Shades should reflect the personality of household members, not irritate on a daily basis, and above all, fit together. See 6 interesting inspirations!

Color palettes – are they necessary?

Not everyone has artistic sense or the need to use the services of a designer. That is why it is worth looking for color palettes, which will become an inspiration for interior design. Then it is much easier to choose the shade of the walls, select furniture and decorate any room.

In color palettes there are main colors, which dominate the entire arrangement and are the basis for further decorating. Also important are accent colors, which are a visual “break” from the base on the walls or floors. At the same time, they are incredibly important because they complement the main colors, match them visually and enhance them. You can also bet on contrasting colors. These will work great in small and larger rooms. It is best if they are reflected on small elements, such as lighting, pillow or textiles. It is also definitely better to replace them with other, when they simply get bored.

Navy blue broken with red

This interior is immediately associated with elegance and stylish finish. A nautical-colored bedroom combined with red and dark coral will delight you at once and allow you to relax after a day full of work.

Deep green and wood

These are nature-inspired shades of deep green, burnt orange and muted yellow. This pelta will work perfectly in an interior with wooden furniture and accessories.

Pastel room

Harmony and peace – this is what these shades are associated with. Pastel shades are the base, some falling into the green, and some into gray and brown. All this is filled with navy blue and black.

Many colors in one room

Even minimalists will confirm that colors in the interior are incredibly important and can be combined with each other, but they should not be random. Here we have an example of that. Slightly eclectic interior complemented by muted pink, deep green and gold in the decorations.

Room in the colors of 2021

We also can not forget about the colors of the year 2021, namely yellow and gray. In this interior, the former shade appears as a small accent.

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