Explore interior design trends for 2022

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Explore interior design trends for 2022

Will there be something completely new among the trends for 2022? Or will the most popular patterns, colors, and fabrics hark back to the fashions of years past? The answer to both these questions is yes! In 2022 there will be something for those looking for a completely fresh look at interior design, and for those who would like their interiors to look great – using what has already been bought before. It is certain that there is something for everyone!

A renewed nod to nature

Although all sorts of textures and shades directly associated with nature have been popular for years, they are also among the hottest interior trends in 2022. Subdued colors of materials, earthy hues, but also live plants are definitely worth paying attention to! Do you like this trend and would like to introduce it into your home without having to do a complete renovation? Then a great solution may be buying a couch in an intense green color or simply – arranging a few elegant pots with live flowers on the shelf. Also pay attention to the wallpapers, which in their design relate directly to nature – they can be just lush flowers, trees, vegetation, but also various animals. Such wallpaper placed on one wall – it will certainly delight.

Still fashionable stones

Subdued and cool stones, contrary to what it may seem – are not reserved only for minimalistic and elegant interiors. You can easily use them also in those relatively “warmer” arrangements, especially that also in 2022 stone will be very popular. And it doesn’t matter here whether you decide only to buy individual furniture and accessories in this style or bet on completely marble interiors. You can be sure that they will look sensational! Stone will be great in the form of tables and cabinets, or maybe you prefer a stone decoration hanging on the wall?

What colors and materials will be the most fashionable in 2022?

There is no denying that this year will be marked by interesting and very bold colors. This is the best time to introduce them to your interiors. In addition to the already mentioned colors of nature, and all the stone motifs, in your interiors you should also include an extremely warm shade of blue with distinct violet tones. It was recognized by Pantone Institute as the color of the year 2022. Why it is worth to pay attention to their choice? First of all, because the Institute has been setting trends for over 20 years. Very Peri – because this is the name of the color – can become a fantastic color for accessories – pillowcases, curtains, or even a blanket in this color will look divine.

Other equally popular colors are also muted reds, beiges, and also well-known from previous years warm grays, which look nice in large and small interiors. During the arrangement, you can also use olive, pistachio and other shades, which refer strictly to the shades of grass. When it comes to the materials themselves, it is definitely worth paying attention to the extremely light, yet very durable… bamboo! Yes, accessories and furniture made of it will be a great idea to refresh your home. You should definitely also invest in classic wooden furniture, or even furniture made of plywood. Linen will also be a fantastic addition – tablecloths made of it will give any interior a unique charm.

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