Furniture that cuts off…. …range! How to stop using your phone at home?

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Furniture that cuts off…. …range! How to stop using your phone at home?

There is a lot of news and information coming at us throughout the day. New notifications pop up on our smartphone, which often distract us from work and… rest! On the market appeared furniture that cuts off the range of the phone. Check what it is about.

How to rest to really relax?

We use modern technologies and devices not only at work but also at home. Unfortunately, the blue light they emit is not conducive to complete tranquility. More and more notifications, watching videos before bedtime, playing on the tablet or falling asleep in front of the TV can cause sleep disorders, problems with concentration and bad mood.

To completely calm down, remember to:

  • put your phone away an hour or two before bedtime,
  • go to bed at your regular bedtime routine,
  • nurture relationships with loved ones,
  • include fruits and vegetables in your diet,
  • drink plenty of water throughout the day,
  • find at least 15 minutes a day to relax your soul (e.g., read a book or do some coloring).

If you think you don’t use your phone much at all, or your rest is independent from it, there’s an easy way to check. Download an app that counts the time you spend on your smartphone. This will allow you to self-monitor and increase your productivity.

It’s also a good idea to put your phone somewhere you can’t see it. This way you won’t get distracted while eating a meal or reading the newspaper. And if someone calls with important information, you’ll be sure to hear the sound. It is best to place it even in another room

What does furniture cut off range consist of?

Overstimulation is being talked about more and more often, so there are solutions on the market that help you calm down and relax. The real one, that is without more messages, information and notifications reaching the brain. For example, March borcas has created a special offline cabinet. All you have to do is put your phone in your pocket, which automatically cuts off the range.

szafka, która odcina zasięg telefonu
source: press materials

Excessive smartphone use is a problem we can’t seem to get rid of all the time. As a result, the line between work and private life often blurs even in the bedroom, where we should take care to calm down and get away from everyday duties. Hence the idea to design a troost cabinet with an offline version to help change bad habits related to these devices. ” – for the portal says Agata Nowak, designer.

Remember to take care of proper rest. It will positively affect your well-being, as well as your health

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