Thinking about replacing your cookware? Check what to look out for

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Thinking about replacing your cookware? Check what to look out for

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Different types of pots are an extremely important item in any kitchen. It’s worth buying ones that are of decent quality, especially if you cook a lot. We’ll tell you what to look for when choosing a pot


First of all, you should pay attention to the purpose of your cookware. To do this, think about what you use them for most often. You can buy classic ones or ones dedicated to cooking specific foods. For example, there are pots for asparagus, rice or milk. There are also special versions for steaming or frying. It all depends on what type is right for you. Another important aspect is the size of the pots. It also depends on the intended use. For example, one for cooking pasta should be deep. Usually it is useful to have several sizes of pots. Then you can prepare many meals, even simultaneously. A cost-effective option is to buy special sets. Remember that you should invest a little in decent quality kitchen equipment. Such an investment affects, among other things, its durability and the taste of the food

The right material

The most important issue when choosing is the material from which the pot is made. Very well known is stainless steel. Currently, such models are the most popular on the Polish market. This is influenced, among other things, by their durability. In addition, they are easy to clean and resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches. Such pots are suitable for frying, baking and stewing. This is an excellent choice for people who do not have more requirements for this kind of equipment and need basic functions

A slightly cheaper option is aluminum pots. This is also a frequently chosen option because it is lightweight and quite durable. However, these days it is not usually recommended as the best choice. This is because it is a rather thin material, so it gets burned faster. Many people also do not recommend using enamel pots. Although also a cheaper purchase, their coating scratches quickly. Because of this, unfortunately, it can give off harmful chemicals

Another type is Teflon pots. Their big advantage is that they are durable and safe for health. However, you should be careful not to scratch their coating. For this purpose, you need to buy special accessories, for example, such wooden or silicone ones. Other options are cast iron pots. They are characterized by long heat retention. Before buying one, you need to remember that they are additionally very heavy. Other materials include heat-resistant glass, ceramic and titanium

The bottom of the pot

When buying a cooker you should also pay special attention to the base. The bottom affects the comfort of use. This is because it keeps the heat inside the pot warm for a certain period of time. It also prevents the food from sticking and burning. A recommended solution is to buy a model that has a multi-layer bottom. In this case copper or aluminium is placed between the individual layers. This is often the case with pots made of stainless steel. The food stays warm for a long time. It is also common to find models that have a capsule bottom with a built-in disk.

In addition to the things mentioned above, check whether these pots are dishwasher safe and what kind of stoves they are designed for before buying. Also, find out how they are divided by coating. Also pay attention to the type of lid and handles

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