Which hood for the kitchen should I choose?

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Which hood for the kitchen should I choose?

Preparing food without a hood is associated with the smell of food floating around the room and a lot of steam. That is why it should be a must-have piece of kitchen equipment, which will deal with these problems quickly and efficiently. However, the question remains, which cooker hood to choose in order to be fully satisfied with its use?

Types of cooker hoods available on the market

The number of available hoods in stores can make your head spin, so here you will find in one place all the types of these devices along with their characteristics

Chimney hood

This model is designed to be installed directly in the kitchen wall. Its characteristic feature is a large chimney, in which the engine is placed to suck air. This type of hoods are combined with a ventilation shaft, through which they drain odors and water vapor. Its disadvantage, however, is its large size, which will not allow you to fit anything else above the stove

Island hood

As the name suggests, they are designed primarily for kitchens with an island. They are mounted on the ceiling and are usually rectangular in shape. They are distinguished by high efficiency and modern design, which is why they are most often found in kitchens open to the living room

Undercabinet hood

This type of hood is mounted in the kitchen cabinet, so it is practically invisible. This makes it ideal for small kitchens, where you want to make the most of the available space

Drawer hood

Similar in construction to the under-cabinet hood, with the difference that during use it is necessary to pull out its front, where the element responsible for air intake is hidden. This type of models are characterized by high efficiency while maintaining compact dimensions. Therefore, they are interchangeably used with the under-cabinet model in small kitchens

What should I consider when choosing a hood for my kitchen?

Whichever model of hood you choose, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing one for your kitchen. These include the performance of the appliance, how you can adjust the speed of the hood and the noise level

How efficient should a cooker hood be?

Choosing a cooker hood is all about choosing the right level of performance to suit your needs. The best way to do this is to first calculate the cubic capacity of the kitchen (height x floor space) and then multiply this by 6. The result of this shows the capacity that the hood should have in order to fulfill its basic purpose. For example, in a kitchen that is 5 meters long, 4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, the minimum capacity of a hood should be 300 cubic meters per hour

Adjusting the canopy

Another issue that affects the comfort of the hood is how to adjust its operation. The most common models on the market are those with step-by-step regulation. Changes of the parameters of the device during cooking can then take place through

  • sliders, which are usually placed in the bottom part of the hood,
  • buttons, located on the front of the hood,
  • touch panels

The most convenient of the three is the touch panel , which is easy to keep clean and allows you to change the cooking parameters with a light touch of your finger

Noise level

The last element we should pay attention to when choosing a kitchen hood is the noise level. As a rule, the higher the efficiency of the device, the more noise it generates. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the models with the lowest decibel level because the loud noise of the device can become a nuisance for the family for a few hours and that will force them to stop using the hood and return to the starting point, which is cooking without it

In addition, when choosing a kitchen hood, it is also worth choosing a model that will have additional features such as an odor sensor or a timer

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