Living room decoration in dark colors – the latest trends

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Living room decoration in dark colors – the latest trends

After minimalist, bright interiors it is time for a change – now a real hit are dark, deep colors that give the interior elegance and emphasize the unique style. See inspiring arrangements of living room in dark colors.

For the last years minimalism and Scandinavian, austere style dominated in the interiors, and along with them bright, delicate colors with white at the forefront. Slowly we begin to feel the need for change – the latest interior design hits are rooms decorated in deep, dignified, dark colors. Bottle green, emerald, shades of navy blue, sapphire and grey are colors which give interiors a unique character. Below we present 6 phenomenal trends that you can use in your living room arrangement.

Bottle green and emerald – noble elegance

These colors definitely dominate dark rooms. Shades of deep green, such as malachite, emerald or bottle green, give the interior a dignified character and incredible elegance. A living room decorated in such colors becomes a luxurious place both for relaxation and for a lavish party

Navy blue, sapphire and matte cobalt – sophisticated style in your interior

Another color that conquers the hearts of interior decorators is deep, subdued navy blue and its shades. Living room decorated in these colors can acquire a modern style with simple furniture and avant-garde accessories. It can also become a more exclusive interior with a touch of luxury, if we choose gold-colored decorations, massive sofas and armchairs and spectacular lighting.

Living room in shades of graphite – an original effect

For those who are looking for new ways for an original arrangement, we suggest shades of dark gray on the walls. Interior with such a basis can become a relaxing, stylish place for rest and meetings. Graphite walls can be illuminated by bright accessories and sophisticated lighting placed in different parts of the living room

Shades of gray also like natural wood – this combination will create a warm, cozy atmosphere in the interior. We can introduce it to the room in the form of tables, benches, shelves or frames and other accessories. Rooms decorated with wooden structural elements such as pillars or ceiling beams look exceptionally impressive.

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Dark walls, dark furniture – an atmospheric interior for avant-garde lovers

Combination of dark furniture with subdued, deep colors on the walls will create a truly palace-like atmosphere. Decorated with impressive accessories, a room in such colors will gain an avant-garde atmosphere. This is an interior which will surely love art. It will be perfect for those who appreciate sophisticated style and unusual combinations

In dark rooms with intense colors a spacious library looks beautiful. Placed in the background, next to a rest, or as a separate element on a wall emphasizing the interior, it can give it a unique style.

Lighting plays an important role in such an interior – dark colors are a perfect background for extravagant lamps and chandeliers. Impressive lighting will brighten up the interior, emphasize the depth of its colors, and will be a decoration in itself.

Commodes blended into the wall – obsession with color

An intriguing hit in living room arrangements is a chest of drawers blended into the wall. The chosen color may be dark green or subdued navy blue – the combination of the dresser with the wall using a uniform, deep color together with sophisticated accessories creates an effect of remarkable elegance

If we are looking for an expression of our good taste, it is certainly worth using such a solution in our living room. The combination of the chest of drawers with the wall is well cut with contrasting decorations.

Decorative mirrors with golden frames – a real hit in interiors

Rooms decorated in moody dark colors like shiny accessories. One of the unquestionable hits among such decorations are round mirrors with spectacular gold frames. This detail will not only brighten up the interior, but in itself will be an unobvious, eye-catching decoration. If you have an empty wall in your living room, which demands to be filled, such a mirror will be an excellent choice.

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