Space under the stairs – ideas for arrangements

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Space under the stairs – ideas for arrangements

The space under the stairs is a space that in many homes remains undeveloped. A mistake, because contrary to appearances it can be very functional. Check out our ideas for arranging the space under the stairs.

How to develop the space under the stairs?

Whether in your home the stairs are located in the hallway or in the living room, the space under the stairs is worth developing properly. Functional solutions will be especially useful for a house with a small area, where sometimes there is not enough space to store clothes, books, trinkets. So how to arrange the space under the stairs?

Open shelves under the stairs

Our first suggestion is open shelves. This solution can be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Especially if you have stairs with treads. It is worth looking for bookcases or shelves that will tightly fill the space under the stairs. If you can’t find shelves in the right size, then consider ordering them from a carpenter. The cost of making them will be a bit higher than buying ready-made shelves from the store, but such customized shelves will certainly look very good.

What can be stored on shelves under the stairs? Anything that can be stored on standard open shelves, for example, books, trinkets, photo frames or children’s toys.

Space for a pet

If you have a cat or dog living in your house, it is worth setting aside a piece of space just for it. The space under the stairs will be ideal for this. For your cat, you can set aside a place there for a high scratching post with shelves – properly incorporated will be a great entertainment for the pet, which will be able to move from the scratching post to the stairs (if they are without treads). 

The space under the stairs is also an ideal place to set up an indoor litter box. You may even be tempted to hide it in a built-in cabinet under the stairs with a flap through which the cat can get inside. This solution is very practical – it reduces the spread of litter and the spread of odor.

Cabinets, drawers, storage compartments

The space under the stairs can also be used to store clothes and shoes. 

If you need extra space for these things, it’s a good idea to put a closet under the stairs. A good carpenter will easily make a closet to fit the space under the stairs. It is worth ensuring that it blends in style and color with the rest of the staircase.

If you want to store clothes in the closet, it is worth ensuring that there is also a section with a hanger bar, preferably in the high part, so that you can also keep coats in it, for example. The low part of the closet (under the first steps) is good to use drawers and shelves for shoes. 

Flowers, sculptures and other decorations

In small houses there is often not enough space to set up larger flower pots. If it’s the same at your place, use the space under the stairs for this. However, it is worth paying attention to the lighting – there is usually little sunlight under the stairs, so choose flowers that do not need a lot of it (for example, zamiokulkas, ivies).

Do you like art and dream of a sculpture at home, however, you do not have space for it? Place it under the stairs! An additional advantage will be that the risk of accidentally hitting it will be greatly minimized.

As you can see, there are many ideas for using the space under the stairs, and it is worth arranging it to fit the style of the house and the needs of the household members.

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