Functional and stylish closet – what furniture to choose?

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Functional and stylish closet – what furniture to choose?

Closet plays an important role in the daily life and functioning of the household. Properly designed can positively affect the order in the entire apartment and ergonomic arrangement of clothes.

Wardrobe should be selected for the hallway or bedroom in harmony with the rest of the interior design. It is usually associated with elegance and luxury. In this article, we will suggest what functions a closet should have and how best to prepare for its development. We present some practical tips and information, which may help in choosing the perfect closet.

What functions should a closet fulfill?

Depending on the available space and layout of the walls, a closet may be a spacious, sliding closet, a separate room or a chest of drawers combined with a dressing table. Most often, however, in modern apartments due to the small area people decide on a dressing room to the hall

It is worth taking care to properly choose its size, so that it meets the needs of all household members. Most often there should be enough space for shoes and winter jackets, but also accessories – hats, scarves, gloves. In addition, it is worthwhile to have space reserved for light clothing and possible guests’ things. For this reason it is worth to choose segmented closets. They allow separating some clothes from each other, and at the same time make it easier to keep order. Different levels of hanger rods make the closet more capacious

Closet ideas – inspiration at a glance

There are endless ideas for arranging a functional closet. Here are some of them:

  1. Dressing roomwith mirror – a mirror hung on the outer door of the dressing room optically enlarges the small space of the vestibule, and at the same time is very practical. Models with a classic finish will give the interior an atmosphere of luxury
  2. Closet with a seat – an additional armchair or other type of seat will facilitate comfortable putting on shoes, and in addition can decorate the room. In this case, it is worth taking care of the original upholstery
  3. Wooden clos et – is a very elegant solution designed for unique interiors with classic design.
  4. Modern closet – you can also try and choose a closet made of artificial materials. In a minimalist or Scandinavian interior, it will look great with an illuminated strip

Furniture in a closet – which will work?

It is worth remembering that the functionality of a closet is primarily affected by its shape. In stationary and online stores you can already find a very wide selection of various models, so surely everyone will find something tailored to their own preferences and needs

An alternative solution is to create a personalized and perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the apartment closet on dimension carpenter. An experienced specialist will help you choose the best solution. Making such a piece of furniture on dimension will allow you to maximize the use of available space and apply original solutions that will increase functionality and storage space

Choosing the right model, you should look primarily at the appropriate division of the compartments inside. The best closets are those which have both space for hangers for long coats and short jackets), as well as separate shelves for shoes and drawers for winter accessories. Many people also hide an umbrella or shoe care products in a closet

A closet can be a single pull-out or lockable closet, preferably with a large mirror that allows you to see your entire figure. In the case of a larger space, this can be divided into several pieces of furniture – one with use for outer garments, another for shoes, and leave the third for winter accessories and smaller items. However, everything depends on our own requirements and preferences. An additional element to keep in mind is proper lighting

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