Velour corner sofa – which interiors does it suit?

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Velour corner sofa – which interiors does it suit?

Pleasant to the touch, reflecting light and very elegant – we are talking about velour, which as a material on the corner will be suitable for vintage, glamour, boho and other style interiors. Find out what is the best combination for it.

A sofa set in the living room has a very important function – it is not only practical and comfortable, but also decorative. It isa piece of equipment, which immediately draws attention to itself . Some people decide only on a small sofa, others choose one or two armchairs. There are also interiors, in which the ideal solution is a corner sofa.

If we have already decided what kind of furniture we want to have in our house, then it is time to choose the material and color. For some time now, velour has been a decorative hit. However, it is necessary to take good care of it, vacuum it and do not expose it to direct sunlight for a long time or use strong detergents, bleaches and solvents.

Despite appearances, velvet furniture and accessories are quite universal. Let us show you which interiors a velour corner sofa is suitable for.

Velour – what are the characteristics of this fabric?

Velvet is a fabric associated with luxury and elegance. It is a thinner variety of velvet with very short, usually silk-like pile. It is also a type of leather resembling suede and a variety of fleece. Velour is soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch (although some people have a certain aversion to it). Additionally, it has a deep shine and reflects light perfectly, illuminating the space around it.

This material is very often used not only in clothing and accessories, but also in interior design. It presents itself beautifully even as a single accent, for example, a pillowcase, and the whole corner sofa made of velour will make the greatest impression. It has this feature that it immediately catches the eye and completely changes the seemingly ordinary interior. However, you should remember to gently comb it from time to time. It is necessary if we want to avoid the effect of “writing” and accumulation of dust in its hair.

In which interiors will a velour corner sofa be suitable?

This type of furniture may seem to be difficult to arrange. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without any doubt it is perfect for palace interiors full of splendor and glamour as well as for vintage and glamour inspired spaces – it will bring out their unique character.

That is not all. Velour corner sofa will easily emphasize the atmosphere of modern and austere rooms with industrial character . It can also be chosen as a contrast in lofts. It turns out that the more austere the interior is, the greater the impression made by the velour cover.

A sofa upholstered in velvet gives cosiness and warmth to even the most empty interior. It will also beautifully complement arrangements in modern, Scandinavian and modern classic style, where minimalistic grey or white furniture prevail.

Undoubtedly, we have to mention two more styles, which will be perfectly presented by the velour corner sofa in the middle of the living room. These are delicate boho style and strong – oriental style.

Velour likes color

Finally, there is still the question of the color scheme of this furniture. First of all, it is worth noting that velvet is directly created for different colors, especially strong ones. Bland gray will not find its place here at all.

Therefore, we can find velour corner sofas in the shade of bottle green, intense, noble, maroon, navy blue, dark yellow, gold, but also in warm blues and pinks.

A velour corner sofa looks even more elegant and stylish when it has numerous quilting ornaments. It is also good if its color refers to the main color present in the house. Then it will not unnecessarily dominate the interior, but will simply harmonize nicely with it.

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