Tiles in the living room instead of panels – is it a good idea?

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Tiles in the living room instead of panels – is it a good idea?

Wooden floor panels look very good in Scandinavian and classic style. However, more and more arrangements are appearing, which instead of traditional wooden floor propose solution in form of ceramic tiles.

If you are thinking about choosing the right floor for your living room, this article will surely help you settle the dispute – wooden floor or ceramic tiles?

When to design ceramic tiles in the living room instead of laminate?

1. Ideal with underfloor heating

Ceramic tiles in the living room instead of laminate will work well with underfloor heating. If you are thinking of giving up radiators and want to save on energy, you should definitely check this option. With ceramic tiles, you don’t have to give up this model of heating your home. In addition, it is possible to use electric heating instead of the water one, which takes longer to get the right temperature. If your home has a solar system or a small wind turbine, then electric heating will definitely be a cost-effective way to heat your home.

2. Multiple patterns and colors

A huge plus of using ceramic tiles is that they come in many colors and patterns to choose from. The same parquet mosaic made of wooden elements is not only much more expensive, but also quite troublesome during installation. Keep this in mind – there are many more colors of ceramic tiles that you are sure to match with your interior

3. Possibility to make a uniform floor surface

Floor panels seem more elegant and make the floor have a uniform look. The same effect can also be achieved with ceramic tiles, which will definitely add some chic to your interior

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If you want a uniform surface, choose tiles in the living room instead of panels of 60 × 60 cm or 75 × 75 cm. They are much larger, and nowadays very wide joints, fashionable e.g. in the 90s, are no longer used. Thanks to proper installation, the floor has an elegant and uniform finish. In industrial or modern rooms, the ideal tiles will be those imitating concrete. In this case, it is worth choosing rectified ones – with edges cut at a right angle. The room then becomes optically larger and the floor becomes uniform.

4. Less time-consuming maintenance

More and more people are choosing ceramic tiles instead of wood flooring. The reason is quite prosaic – currently available good quality tiles do not have to be replaced very often. They are resistant to abrasion and breakage. They can be maintained with a simple floor polish.

Wood, on the other hand, wears out over time and requires constant care, frostering or washing with slightly more expensive detergents which protect the color from fading. After some time, the varnish layer wears off, so it is important to sand them down and re-paint them. Wood also has a higher risk of cracking or forming cavities.

In construction stores it is possible to buy ceramic tiles with very high abrasion resistance – so for places with intensive use it is worth buying those with PEI 3/1500 marking.

5. Easier joining of two rooms

In apartments with a combined kitchen and living room, the problem of joining materials often arises. Due to high humidity and a greater risk of contamination, the kitchen is covered with ceramic tiles. For the living room, on the other hand, floor panels are chosen. Unfortunately, combining two such different materials can be very difficult. The solution is therefore a uniform floor, finished with tiles resembling wooden panels. The whole looks very elegant and it is also easier to keep it clean. A uniform surface significantly enlarges the space and gives it an elegant look.

What types of tiles will suit the living room?

Ceramic tiles imitating stone or concrete will be perfect for a modern living room. It is also best to buy so called large format tiles, rectified, which have very small joints, thanks to which they create uniform surface. Glazed stoneware is perfect for more elegant and minimalist interiors. It reflects light, making the room appear brighter.

The color of the floor can be chosen according to the colors used in the room – if the walls are colourful, solid tiles look good, while very cool shades of paint and few color accessories will be complemented by a floor with patterns and several colors.

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