Herringbone – timeless panels that fit any living room

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Herringbone – timeless panels that fit any living room

Fashion for herringbone floor comes back after few years of absence. For many people herringbone is associated with arrangements straight from the People’s Republic of Poland, but currently it appears in a changed and very modern version.

Herringbone panels appear more and more often in interior design inspirations. Among the ways of arrangement we can distinguish French, Hungarian or classic style. Each of them is unique, creating an original pattern on the floor , which attracts attention, while easily blending with other elements of decor.

The biggest advantage of herringbone is its universal character. Therefore, a change of atmosphere in the living room will be able to take place without changing the floor panels. This is one of the reasons why it is worth choosing good quality materials, which will allow you to enjoy a beautiful floor for years

What kind of interiors is herringbone floor suitable for?

The floor, on which a stylish herringbone pattern is laid, is a very popular solution of the past decades. It turns out that this pattern on the floor is becoming more and more popular again. Earlier herringbone pattern could be found in older buildings, especially in interwar tenement houses, museum rooms or in not very aesthetic interiors of communist Poland. Wooden parquets and panels stylized as natural boards are now often chosen to decorate the living room or dining room.

Such a pattern on the floor will certainly stand up to classic interiors, where the basis is heavy furniture: stylish upholstered chairs, armchairs and sofas. Such interiors are timeless, which is why they look great when combined with wood and glass. Antiques also work well here.

Herringbone can look fantastic in a living room styled in a retro style, where the basis will be references to past times. Inspiration may be the years of communism or the elegant interiors of the interwar period. As practice shows, such flooring is not reserved only for classic or vintage interiors

Is herringbone floor suitable for modern interiors?

Herringbone flooring is a very universal solution, which is why it can be a base for many phenomenal arrangements. More and more often we can see minimalistic or Scandinavian interiors, where herringbone panels are laid in the living room. This type of floor is a perfect match for furniture with wooden legs and a simple character of the interior. Designers do not give up herringbone pattern also in modern, eclectic and elegant interiors, where glamour style reigns

Panels that imitate real wood

Parquet or wooden boards have been a very popular material for flooring in many interiors. Unfortunately, wood is not resistant to damage, so some people prefer to opt for a more practical choice, which is floor panels

Currently in the offer of stores you can successfully find models, which can be arranged in a fashionable herringbone pattern or which have it painted on the surface of the panel. The latter solution is more practical, because the rectangular planks make when laying less so-called “reject”, which is the material that remained unused when finishing the room

An attractive option, especially for people who decide to use floor heating, will be the purchase of vinyl panels. This type of material conducts heat perfectly, is a bit thinner than a laminated panel, so it looks more like natural wood

It is worth looking for panels, which reproduce the herringbone pattern, and which will look sensational in any living room. Thanks to this treatment the interior will gain a unique style, elegance and class. According to trend watchers, herringbone will be a pattern worth betting on.

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