How to choose and combine colors of industrial style furniture?

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How to choose and combine colors of industrial style furniture?

Are you renovating your home or maybe designing a new nest? Do you want to take advantage of the industrial style, but need a little help, because you do not know how to combine furniture colors? Read the following article and you will learn everything from it. 

Industrial style, or what kind of style? – key features

Before we go on to discuss the rules that will make it easier for you to combine and juxtapose furniture of different colors, we must start at the beginning. So what is this industrial style? It’s an arrangement that is quite specific, in which old industrial buildings mingle with modernity. Here we have a controlled austerity, a lot of space (without partitions) and minimalist accessories. Industrial interiors are dominated by brick, concrete, steel, glass and high ceilings and large windows. There is also no shortage of raw elements – visible brackets, beams or pipe fragments. Often an atmospheric mezzanine is made in the living room.

Industrial style furniture – which are the real must-haves?

It’s time for furniture. Furniture made of solid wood, concrete and steel with glass elements – such with its own history, individual character – are perfectly suited here. In addition, they are solid, simple, minimalist and sizable. Coffee tables have a wooden top and metal legs or a metal frame. Sofa made of leather or eco-leather, possibly upholstered. Single retro furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a console, is also ideal here.

Definitely limit the decorations and ornaments, give up curtains and drapes. On the other hand, industrial mirrors, raw clocks and, of course, designer hanging or standing lamps are great. These lamps are large, heavy, black, with large bulbs.

How do you combine furniture colors? What goes together?

We already know what distinguishes the industrial style and what furniture is necessary, now it’s time to answer the title question. Industrial interiors are subdued and neutral in color. Here you will find neither bright colors nor contrasts. So choose mainly gray, brown, navy blue and black furniture, which goes well with brick and concrete walls. On the other hand, to warm up the interior, use a very simple procedure, namely, use a wooden floor made of long boards with visible grain.

A sofa in gray, brown or mustard will be ideal, on which we can put pillows or a bedspread in a stronger color. While the base is subdued, there is nothing to prevent the introduction of single vivid accents, such as the aforementioned textiles. They can be, for example, red, yellow or orange, or turquoise.

In the dining area, let’s set a large oak table on steel legs. It further fits into the industrial style, but at the same time warms up the interior. It will create a great set with leather chairs or those with an openwork design.

Take advantage of the potential offered by the industrial style and create atmospheric interiors!

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