Getting your balcony ready for spring! What plants and decorations to choose?

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Getting your balcony ready for spring! What plants and decorations to choose?

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about the choice of plants and decorations to decorate your terraces with. With a few changes and improvements, balconies will be able to turn into places where we can regain peace and relaxation. By the way, the flowers will give shelter to insects which are now so threatened by the changing conditions

Cape lobelia

One of the most popular annual plants will decorate your patio perfectly, not requiring any special attention apart from regular watering. It reaches a height of 15 to 25 cm and as befits a South African flower, it requires a sunny spot. The leaves are lanceolate, smooth, slightly glossy, small and bright green. The flowers are blue, white, pink or purple which allows us to create beautiful multi-colored compositions. The flowering period is from June to October and the seeds are best sown from March to April.


An extremely beautiful plant with many color variations will be great not only as a decoration, but also as a spice or even medicine. Verbena usually grows to a height of 20-30 cm, reaching irregular and compact clumps. The hanging varieties can reach about 40-50 cm. Their cultivation is easy and undemanding. It grows best in a sunny, sheltered position and the soil should be moderately moist. Verbena blooms from May to August and its flowers come in green, pink, orange, purple, red or white.

If you decide to buy lemon verbena, remember that you can dry its leaves and make a tea out of them, which will help kidney function, relieve migraine pains, reduce fatigue and the lemon aroma will freshen your breath. Moreover, you can add dry verbena leaves as a seasoning to puddings, sweet drinks, jams, fish soups and marinades.


Impatiens are plants that like partial shade and warmth and fertile and moist soil. It blooms all summer long, pleasing the eyes with its saturated colors of white, purple, red, or bicolored spotted or striped flowers. Impatiens reach from 5 cm to even 2.5 meters in height, however, in homes most often cultivated varieties, reaching from 30 to 70 cm. The most popular species in Poland are:

  • sultana impatiens – grown in pots, they have intensely colored flowers,
  • new Guinea impatiens – red, white and pink – grow well in pots as well as in gardens,
  • impatiens balsamina – will ideally serve as a decoration of balconies and flowerbeds thanks to large full flowers, blooming at the top of the stems.

Lamps, lights and lampposts

Deciding to buy lighting for the balcony, it is worth looking at the products that the market offers us. It can be in the form of a garland, wall lamp or solar lamp. In the still cool spring evenings, candlesticks with candles burning in themwill add warmth to the environment.

You can also buy simple battery operated LED lights, which you can get in many stationary and online stores at affordable prices. After dark, the soft light emitted by the lights will add charm to your patio plants and create a great, somewhat mysterious atmosphere, allowing you to escape your thoughts from the busy world

Relaxation zone

If you’ ve already decorated your balcony with plants for spring and created the right atmosphere with lighting, you still need to have somewhere to relax. You can choose to buy furniture made from different materials that differ mainly in price, such as plastic, wicker, rattan, technorattan, steel, cast iron or wood

Maybe you have a flair for DIY and would like to make something yourself? Making furniture from pallets has been popular lately. All you need is a few cushions, a blanket and, of course, a mug of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. With a little effort you can create a place like a fairy tale, where you can relax after a hard day. All you need is a bit of will and vivid imagination!

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