LED lights in tropical style – jungle on the balcony

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LED lights in tropical style – jungle on the balcony

With each moment it’s getting warmer and warmer, and we are already looking forward to moments spent on our terraces and balconies. Many of us in the spring and summer like to drink morning coffee or have dinner on the balcony. That is why we try to make this space well arranged and enjoyable to be in. One way to create an atmosphere there are lights, specifically LED lights. Here are some ideas and inspiration for creating your own jungle on your balcony! 

Tropical elegance

If you want to give your balcony a makeover, you can do it with classic LED lanterns or lanterns made from bamboo or other materials like rattan or technorattan. Their look brings to mind hot vacations, faraway places, heat, blissful relaxation and evenings spent with a glass of wine by the gentle moonlight supported by diffused, gentle light coming from the lanterns. On the market there are many proposals that catch the eye and create a unique atmosphere of the tropics. We can choose the more classic forms, but also go crazy. Nothing stands in the way of lighting up our balcony jungle with simple lanterns, made of wood with a practical built-in LED module, which can be powered either by plugging in, batteries or solar energy. We especially recommend the latter option, because it is by far the most practical and also ecological. 

Flamingo Vertigo

One of the first motifs that come to our mind when we think about tropical style are flamingos. They can be found in the form of single LED lamps, which can be successfully moved – for example, in autumn and winter, they can illuminate our living room or bedroom, and in summer evenings their pink glow can appear on the balcony. On the web we can also find solar lights in the shape of this popular bird and ordinary lights in the form of a string for batteries, which, however, will require adequate protection, especially from the rain. 

Cotton balls

These popular lights are slowly being forgotten, but on the balcony in the tropical style referring to boho they will still work great. They will create an unobtrusive, gentle glow, which will make it much more pleasant to spend time on our balcony. After hanging them on the balustrade or between the plants it is enough to sit comfortably, cover yourself with a blanket and enjoy the summer evening. 

LED chains

Another proposal, which will perfectly fit into the balcony arrangements resembling the urban jungle, will be all kinds of LED chains. These can be regular lights with a warm color of light, or more crazy: pink or green. There are also chains with typical tropical motifs, such as the aforementioned flamingos, pineapples, cacti or various types of leaves. They are usually battery operated, and their main task is more of a decoration than giving a satisfactory level of lighting, although you have to admit that such a balcony decoration is really charming. 

main photo: pixabay.com/Lisaphotos195


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