Roll-up doors – advantages and disadvantages

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Roll-up doors – advantages and disadvantages

Roller doors are an increasingly popular solution in garages. They are valued for their functionality and aesthetics, but on the other hand are quite an expensive investment. See what are the advantages and disadvantages of rolling gates.

Roll-up gates, also called roller gates, despite relatively high prices enjoy growing popularity. We can choose between automatic gates and those manually operated. Below we look at the advantages and disadvantages of rolling doors.

Roller garage doors – advantages

One of the most frequently mentioned advantages of roller garage doors is their functionality. Especially in the case of doors equipped with an automatic mechanism that can be controlled with a remote control, convenience in their use is emphasized

The roller door also means space saving – therefore it is an ideal solution in case of limited space around the garage.

Another advantage of roller garage doors is their aesthetics. The variety of available patterns, structures and colors makes it easy to match the appropriate model to the building façade. What is more, roller garage doors are also a universal solution because they can be implemented in almost any house design.

Roller garage doors – disadvantages

Regarding the disadvantages of using roller gates, mainly safety issues are pointed out. Installation and operation of such doors are not complicated, which makes the task easier for thieves – they are able to find weaknesses in the security systems of roller doors and break into the garage

Therefore, when installing roller shutter doors, additional solutions are often used to increase safety, such as

  • photocell system,
  • GSM with appropriate encryption,
  • card reader,
  • or manual drive in case of failure
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