How to make Easter eggs with crochet?

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How to make Easter eggs with crochet?

Easter is coming very soon. So it is the perfect time to prepare the Easter decorations. Among the decorations you can not miss bunnies, lambs and, of course, colorful Easter eggs

In addition to the traditional painted eggs, you can make a more interesting decoration for the shell. For those who know how to use crochet and yarn, making such an Easter decoration will certainly not pose much of a problem.

Easter eggs made on crochet can be a wonderful decoration of the Easter table. Such eggs can also put in a basket with Easter food. Crocheting is a task that requires a little free time, patience and manual skills, so it is worth to get down to it even before Holy Week. We suggest how to make these original Easter eggs

Easter eggs decorated with yarn – hand-made decorations for Easter

What is needed to make Easter eggs on crochet?

Crocheting is not a difficult task, but requires a lot of patience and concentration. After mastering the technique, you can use yarn to create many creative works, which can decorate your home and give them to friends and family.How to prepare to do Easter eggs on crochet?

To make decorations you will need:

  • crochet with a small size, so that the spaces between the posts will be hardly visible,
  • colorful yarn, preferably in spring colors – yellow, pink, purple or green,
  • styrofoam eggs, which will be an auxiliary filling, an alternative may be a balloon, slightly filled with air

How to make Easter eggs on crochet?

Decorating an Easter egg start from the base of the egg, creating a small-sized circle. Then adding another half-slides and laps begin to cover the prepared Styrofoam egg or balloon with successive layers of yarn. The whole Easter egg can be covered with soft yarn or we can use a different pattern, in which the shell of the egg will be more openwork. In order to fix the prepared decoration, which will resemble an eggshell, you need to stiffen it properly. It may be helpful to soak the decoration in a stiffening preparation, which can be glue diluted in starch (i.e. a solution of water and potato flour) in the ratio of 1:1. In this case, it is better to prepare the decoration on a balloon, which can be pierced after the fixative dries

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How to use Easter eggs made on crochet?

Thus prepared Easter decoration can be used in many ways. The Easter egg in itself is very nice, but it can still be refined, creating a creative and imaginative solution that will delight all guests. Eggs prepared with crochet can be decorated in many ways

  1. Embroidering patterns on an Easter egg

A great way to give the Easter egg made on crochet a unique look, is to embroider on it original and colorful patterns. For this purpose, it is worth having at home a needle and a few spools of mouline. You can decorate the egg by embroidering vertical or horizontal stripes, or create your own patterns, which will make each Easter egg unique and one of a kind

  1. Hanging Easter decoration

Prepared in crochet Easter egg can be hung on a decorative string or colorful ribbon, creating an interesting decoration. The pendant can be additionally decorated with beads, ribbons, artificial flowers or sequins. Such decorations can be hung in the window, marking the festive character of the approaching Easter

An interesting way to display Easter eggs is to pick a few twigs with young buds. From the branches create a bouquet, which you put in a glass vase, and then on individual branches hang previously prepared hanging Easter eggs. This is a sensational decoration for the Easter table.

  1. Transforming Easter eggs into funny animals

The potential of Easter eggs made on crochet can be fully exploited, giving them a slightly funny look. A fantastic idea will be to transform Easter eggs into animals. With just a few additions, you can easily change an Easter egg into a lively bunny, a yellow chicken or a naughty pig. Eyes, ears or tails can be made of paper and then glued to the stand with glue. Some people are so talented and creative that they even create additional elements using yarn and crochet.

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