Shoe cabinet made of pallets – DIY

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Shoe cabinet made of pallets – DIY

Sometimes, in order to have a practical and extravagant piece of furniture in your home, we don’t have to spend a lot of money on it and make it ourselves, while acting in accordance with the principles of recycling. What’s more, by using pallets, you ensure that your hallway is tidy and you will never again trip over shoes scattered in the hallway.

How to make a shoe cabinet from pallets?

To begin with, you need to decide how big a cabinet you are going to make and check how much space in your hallway you can devote to it. In case you need a cabinet for high-heeled shoes, you will only need one pallet. Cut it in half, join it and then sand it with sandpaper. Finally, paint it the color of your choice and attach it vertically to the wall

In case of a cabinet with a seat, after measuring the dimensions, prepare a pallet or two (it depends on how many tiers the cabinet will have and whether you also envisage a backrest). When you choose the smaller option, cut the pallet in half, and then overlap the parts attaching them to each other, in the large one just skip the cut. Repeat the procedure depending on the number of tiers you are interested in. Then sand down the sides and edges and paint. You can also attach the backrest and castors, which will allow you to move the cabinet without scratching the floor.

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