How to decorate a room for two boys?

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How to decorate a room for two boys?

One room for two boys? Why not? Such a solution can be very practical, but you need to keep in mind some important points when decorating the room.

A shared room for two boys

Many parents wonder whether a shared room for two boys is definitely a good idea. They are concerned that it will not be possible to fit all the necessary furniture and accessories in one room, but well thought out solutions will allow you to create a functional space. We have some useful advice for you – first, let’s talk about beds.

What beds for a shared room for boys?

Bunk beds! Of course, only if the boys are big enough that a bunk bed will be safe for them. A bunk bed is a space-saver, thanks to it we will use less floor space than with traditional two beds. An additional advantage is a lot of fun for kids. 

Don’t forget about desks!

If school-age or even preschool-age boys are to live in a shared room, it is necessary to provide them with a suitable place to draw, study and play on the computer. A desk will work best, of course, but remember that each boy must have his own. If the room is small, it will be a good idea to buy a double desk, which will take up slightly less space than two standard desks. 

A chest of drawers, a closet for clothes, a bookcase

In the room, of course, you need to find space for a chest of drawers and a clothes closet. Also remember to put bookcases in the boys’ room. Ideally, each child should have his own shelves on which to set his things. 

The room of two children, even if it has a large area, fills up very quickly. That’s why it’s worth using closet and shelf systems that can be mounted on the wall. Such a solution allows you to keep free space on the floor, which is very necessary in a children’s room. After all, the floor is the best place to play!

Give the child his own space

And finally, one more very important point (perhaps even the most important). If you are preparing a shared room for two boys, be sure to give each of them some space of their own. Each sometimes needs to take a break, to calm down in his own corner. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, then try to separate two separate zones in the room. You can do this with furniture, but if you have the funds, it is worth thinking about setting up a screen.

The room of two boys does not have to be uniform. It will house two people who often have very different interests and tastes. That’s why it’s a good idea to introduce elements in each boy’s zone that will relate to his personality and interests. How to do it? There are plenty of ways, and in our opinion, the simplest one is to paint the whole room in one neutral color and decorate the walls in the zones of each boy according to their tastes (for example, choosing appropriate posters, wallpaper patterns or even wall stickers in the case of younger children). 

We hope that the above advice on how to decorate a room for two boys will be useful to you. Do you have other interesting ideas? Share them in the comments!

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