Cabinets in the new version – meet furniture blinds!

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Cabinets in the new version – meet furniture blinds!

Cabinets are not only used for storage, but they are also a very nice decorative element. Thanks to them, the interior takes on a new style. Currently, the so-called furniture blinds are back in fashion. Let’s check how they work.

Furniture blinds – when will they work?

Furniture blinds can be suitable when we do not have too much space for traditionally opened fronts. They are ideal in small rooms, e.g. offices, where tilt opening would take a significant part of space. They are used, among others, in shelves, but also as a replacement for drawers. Closing shelves in this way will be useful if we want to additionally secure documents and valuable objects lying on them

Furniture roller-blinds may be locked, thanks to which the contents hidden by them will not get into the wrong hands. It will also help to keep things in order. Documents on the shelves get less dusty, which makes cleaning less difficult.

What do furniture blinds match with?

Furniture blinds will be suitable for simple furniture, but also for open shelves. Thanks to them, we will certainly modernize our room a bit. They can be combined with vintage style rooms, but they are most suitable for modern ones. Metal furniture blinds combine very well with loft interiors. Thanks to them, the room will seem even more raw and modern.

What are the advantages of furniture blinds?

Furniture blind s are made of modern materials and so have the appearance. Most often they are made of aluminum combined with ecological polypropylene. This material is durable and lightweight at the same time. It can be powder coated in a color of our choice. The blinds are easy to ass emble – thanks to the coffer construction and simple guides they can be installed even on one’s own. Modern furniture blinds work very quietly and without any obstructions – moving them back and forth is fast and easy.

Where can furniture blinds be used?

Interestingly, furniture blinds do not have to be used only in furniture. Thanks to easy to install rails, they can be used, among others, in niches. They will fit perfectly into a modern kitchen, where we do not want to build up the entire worktop with shelves, but at the same time we would prefer to hide some of the kitchen equipment, so that it is not visible or does not get dirty

You can attach to the recess the guides on which the roller blind is mounted – in this way you will cover the recess in an elegant way. Such solutions are also possible in the bathroom. We will reduce the amount of unnecessary furniture if we build a recess, e.g. over the toilet or at the shower, and we will place there all our important cosmetics

Shutters are not only elegant but above all practical. We can order units matching a particular piece of furniture or niche from the manufacturer. They can be made in colors matching the interior. We will not waste valuable space on pull-out drawers or hinged doors. Similarly, the shelves for shoes in the hall or bookshelves may be built in. Furniture shutters will allow us to maintain an elegant appearance of the interior at a low cost. It is a good idea to have a good deal of time and money to make sure that you are able to get the most out of your home.

Furniture blinds made of stainless steel will certainly look very chic in modern rooms. They also perfectly complement the loft style of the interior. White blinds, on the other hand, are very refined and can be matched, among others, to a bathroom or kitchen. They do not stand out against the background and will go well with other furniture fronts.

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