What should you know before building a terrace?

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What should you know before building a terrace?

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The terrace is an ideal addition to the garden in front of the detached house. It is a great place to relax with your loved ones and spend time outdoors. However, there are a few things you should know before building a terrace. We suggest how you can build it in a sensible way.

Location of the terrace

The most important aspect that you absolutely must pay attention to before building a terrace is its location. A terrace can be situated directly on the ground, finished with grass or a paved surface (of boards, concrete, stone etc.), above the ground (on beams supported by posts) or above a room in the house, e.g. over the garage or the cellar. What kind of terrace you choose should depend particularly on your technical possibilities. When considering which option to choose, be sure to visit https://www.ideagarden.pl/.

When it comes to the location of your terrace, the orientation of the world is also quite important. It is best to build a terrace on the south-east or south-west side, which will ensure the best sun exposure – the sun in the morning and sunset is not too strong, which allows you to have breakfast or dinner in a pleasant atmosphere, but such a southern terrace guarantees really strong sunlight during the day. So it is a good solution if you want to sunbathe in this place.

Terrace size

Before you start building, it’s also a good idea to think about how big you want your terrace to be. Think about how you plan to use the space and determine its exact dimensions accordingly. If you have an intimate terrace that is only used for relaxation, then a smaller size is best, as a large area would simply not be useful. However, if you want to host parties and invite a large number of friends, it is better to create a larger space that guarantees greater freedom of movement. It is also important that the size of the terrace is proportional to the size of the house.

Type of surface

You should also choose the type of surface in advance. There are many different types of decking materials. The most popular are stone, concrete, paving stones, wood and composite decking. If you decide on the latter option, be sure to check out the terrace boards in Lodz. When choosing a material, consider first of all its durability. After all, a terrace just like a house is an investment for years, so it is not worth saving on materials

Terrace style

The style of the terrace should also be taken into account. It should blend in with the house and its surroundings. A great solution will be to use for its construction the material that was used for the facade and the fence. This will give a very consistent and harmonious effect, so that the whole will look aesthetically pleasing. The arrangement is also important – if you have a house in a typically modern style, the design of the terrace should be the same. However, if you are not sure exactly how you want your terrace to look, you can opt for more versatile solutions. One of them would be to choose a material that goes with everything, such as composite decking. With them, you will be able to make any modifications and changes in the design of your terrace.

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