What are the types of kettles?

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What are the types of kettles?

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without a kettle – it’s one of those appliances that can’t be overlooked when picking out appliances for your home. However, you can choose from different types of assortment. For whom a gas kettle, and for whom an electric kettle and what to look for? We suggest.

Basic types of kettles

It’s no secret that kettles are divided into:

  • gas,
  • electric,
  • cordless.

Each of them has some advantages, but also has its drawbacks. The key is to choose the right kind of device for your needs. Sometimes it is the price or the fact that the design is reminiscent of grandma’s appliances from the childhood years that decides. Others may be convinced by the comfort of use and cheapness. It is worth considering this while discussing different types of kettles

Traditional – gas kettles

Gas kettles are undoubtedly the most basic option among all such devices. They are made of stainless steel, sometimes additionally covered with enamel. They can be very interesting and are often available in a wide range of colors. Sometimes they are additionally decorated with a more or less fanciful motif. In this way, you can choose items that fit into different arrangements found in kitchen areas

What to pay attention to when choosing a kettle for gas?

The elements that we should check are at least several. One of them is undoubtedly the functioning of the whistle, which should alert us that water is already boiling. Even more important is the construction of the handle – this is an important matter due to the fact that it should not heat up. Therefore, the material from which it is made is important – it should be resistant to heating

A teapot instead of a gas kettle?

Instead of a gas kettle you can also bet on a cast-iron teapot which is close to it but which you use directly for brewing tea. It is taller, sometimes decorated and usually much more expensive. But it keeps high temperature for longer

Electric kettles

Electric kettles are already referred to as small household appliances. What characterizes them is undoubtedly the convenience of use. Water will be heated in them thanks to an electric heater, which will do its job much faster than gas kettles. A great advantage is the casing made of plastic. It makes such items lightweight, does not cost much and is a little harder to burn yourself with them – but remember, especially if you have small children at home, that this absolutely does not guarantee total safety and in the case of an electric kettle you also need to beware of burning yourself

Which electric kettles to buy?

A great convenience in the case of electric kettles will be a rotating base and plate heater. Kettles should also be equipped with a scale showing the level of liquid inside. It’s important that they also have lights showing whether the water inside has already boiled or not. It’s important that they also have lights to show whether the water inside is boiling or not. Probably the most handy will be cordless electric kettle

What capacity of electric kettle to choose?

On the market we have quite a large availability of devices with different sizes. So sometimes it is difficult to decide on the optimal size of the kettle from our point of view. Usually these devices are:

  • small: 0.6-1 l,
  • medium: 1.5-1.7 l,
  • large: 1.8-2 l.

Sometimes it happens, however, that the largest kettles do not have enough power to boil the amount of water predicted for them – this prolongs our wait. Perhaps a compromise solution will be to choose a kettle with a capacity of 1.7 l, which will be large enough when guests arrive, but also we will not have to impatiently wait for the desired coffee or tea

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