Tool shed – is it necessarily wooden?

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Tool shed – is it necessarily wooden?

A tool shed is very useful, especially on a plot where there is no outbuilding or easy access to a room to store the things you need to care for your garden.

An important tool shed

A utility room with access to running water is a suitable place to store the equipment needed for gardening. When you don’t have a utility house to store your tools, a tool shed will work great.

How to choose a good tool shed?

A good quality tool shed should be

  • functional,
  • durable,
  • should fit in with the garden architecture.

The tool shed should easily accommodate all the equipment for garden work and must fit well with the existing structures – it is worth buying a shed made of materials from which the fence or other landscaping elements are built.

How to choose the size of the shed?

The size of the shed should be adapted not only to your needs, but most importantly to the garden area. The place for storing tools should be functional – a small place for storing garden tools will not do the job.

The recommended minimum size of the shed is 200 x 130 cm – then you can store the mower and small gardening equipment. In a larger shed it is possible to store tools, gardening equipment and other things such as: garden furniture and bicycles.

The shed should be arranged in a square or rectangular plan – this form is the most practical for use. More complex forms take up more space on the plot, which does not translate into the size of storage space. Ventilation holes are very useful in a shed to ensure adequate airflow.

How to equip a tool shed?

The door to the shed should be at least 90 cm wide. The floor in such a place should be easy to keep clean – ceramic tiles work well here. On the walls you should hang various shelves for small items and a lockable cabinet for plant protection products. It’s also worth sticking various hooks to the walls, on which you’ll be able to hang various tools

A work surface is also an important element in a tool shed. This will be a great place to repot plants or prepare sprays.

What material should the shed be made of?

The most versatile material is wood. It fits in with any style of garden and can be painted any color you want. Wood is a durable material, but still requires maintenance every 2 to 3 years.

A plastic shed is much cheaper than a wooden one. It is a good option if it will be located at the back of the building. Plastic is quite resistant to UV radiation and does not require special maintenance (just wash it with water and liquid)

Metal shed is a good solution if other elements of garden architecture are also made of this material.

Where to place the tool shed?

The tool shed should not come into contact with the ground, so the ground should be prepared accordingly. The lighter houses can be placed on gravel, while the heavier and larger ones are recommended to be placed on a screed, concrete blocks or cobblestones.

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