Stones in the garden – how to use them?

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Stones in the garden – how to use them?

Stones in the garden allow you to create an amazing atmosphere, perfectly blend with the vegetation, thus becoming an ornament of the property. There are many different ways to use them, which depend almost entirely on your imagination. We present ideas for using stone in the garden

Stone is not the same as stone

If you want to use stones in landscaping, it is worth knowing that the market offers various types, differing in, among others, shapes, colors, and what they are intended for. Among the most popular types of stones used in gardens we can distinguish

  • pebbles – classic stones that come from fields or gravel pits. They are characterized by a rounded shape which they owe to many thousands of years of natural carving through soil and water,
  • grit – is nothing but broken aggregate, therefore it is characterized by irregular shapes and is available in many different colors, from snowy white, to all kinds of shades of gray and beige,
  • slate and bark stone – small stone elements of non-standard dimensions, resembling in their appearance the bark of a tree.

What stones will be chosen for the garden depends mainly on what effect we care about and what they will be used for

4 ideas for using stones in the garden

Stone, due to its extremely graceful form and appearance, is ideally suited to gardens and offers endless design possibilities. Below are some of the many suggestions on how to use it in the garden

Fence gabionowe

In recent years, extraordinary popularity has gained gabion fences, which use in its construction, among other things, stones. This type of fencing originates from the military, but it has been successfully adapted to private property. With the use of stone gabions can create both property fencing, as well as impressive fences surrounding the zones, such as vegetable garden

To make a gabion fence will be necessary gabions themselves, which is a cage made of metal spans of rectangular form. Their interior should be filled with stones of your choice, but it is worth knowing that they look best in combination with pebbles

Stone benches

Another way to place stones in the garden space is to use them to make an extremely stylish and impressive stone bench. You will need medium sized stones, which should be stacked on top of each other, sandwiched by cement mortar and forming first the base of the bench and then its support

Classic rockery

One of the most popular methods of using stone in the garden is to use them to make a rockery. For this purpose, it is best to choose stones such as slate, pebbles, or lumps of rock. However, it will look best when the stones used to make it are uniform. It is also worth remembering not to use limestone or dolomite when making a rockery, due to the fact that the calcium leaching from them may have an adverse effect on the plants


The stones can also be used to make a fireplace where you can have bonfires with your family and friends. It is enough to dig a circle of appropriate size and then line it with stones and sprinkle a mixture of cement and sand, and then gently spray with water to make the whole thing not only look impressive but also safe and durable

As you can see, the possibilities for the use of stone in gardens are very many. Therefore, it is worth taking this material into account when arranging the area. Its advantage is, in addition to the ease of use and impressive appearance, a relatively low price compared to other alternative materials and materials.

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