Terrace with garden – how to care and decorate?

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Terrace with garden – how to care and decorate?

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Summer is the time when we want to take care of our garden. Unfortunately, living in the city we can not always afford it. A good idea is to make a terrace with a garden

The terrace makeover

You can easily transform your existing terrace yourself. First, paint the parquet to renew its color. Use a special paint for this purpose. The right paint will also protect the floor from damage. This element is most at risk of damage. Before applying paint, it is also worth impregnating the upper surface of the boards. Thanks to this, the parquet will last for a longer time. You can also refinish your old furniture. If the previous varnish is not coming off, simply apply a new color on top. When the previous coating is peeling, remove it with sandpaper or a suitable preparation. This will give your patio a facelift at a low cost. You will also be more environmentally friendly as you will not have to dispose of old furniture. In case you want to separate yourself from the neighbors or the street, use garden fences. They protect your privacy. They save you from strong wind and sun. They come in trendy colors so they are also a decorative element. Attach them to the already finished railing from the inside. You can adjust them to the dimensions of your balcony. Fences made of PVC material often have the possibility of individual shortening

Garden furniture

When your furniture is too old, take an interest in buying new furniture. They must be comfortable and adapted to your needs. Various types of sofas, corner sofas and chairs are trendy. The choice is really huge. Small tables and cabinets are also useful. If your terrace is bigger, you can bet on a large dining table. It is indispensable for larger gatherings with family or friends. It will be needed when you decide to have a grill. The traditional type of grill is a charcoal one

However, you will find really many options in stores. The practical and modern ones are the electric ones. On top of that, they are sold in different versions. They will be a cool addition that will affect the decor of your terrace. Recently, garden swings, hammocks and hanging chairs have become extremely popular. They provide enjoyment and relaxation to users, regardless of their age. This is a great way to relax after a long day. Those with a canopy also protect from the sun. For better comfort, you can buy a mosquito net for them

A cover is also useful to protect it from rain. You can choose various pillows and blankets to go with it. They improve comfort and look really interesting. They bring a touch of luxury to your terrace

Plants for the balcony

Placing plants on your terrace, improves its appearance, and your mood. During the summer, you can simply bring out the plants that have been in the house so far. When buying flowers, choose them according to the exposure of the terrace. Correct lighting is important for their development

Too much or too little light can have a negative effect on some species. Magnesium fertilizers are useful for taking good care of plants. They stimulate their proper development and provide necessary ingredients. This will make your garden healthier and more pleasing to the eye

It’s also a good idea to buy a ready-made soil that suits your plants. It is advisable to put a layer of drainage on the bottom, for example from expanded clay, so that the specimens do not overflow. Interesting garden flowers include lobelia, lavender, begonia, forget-me-not or verbena. From slightly larger plants, you can choose strelitzia, Canary Island date palm or hollow monstera. Common myrtle and bay laurel will also look nice. You can plant them in stylish pots or boxes

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