How to decorate a preschooler’s room?

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How to decorate a preschooler’s room?

A preschooler’s room will be his refuge and a place where he can play and learn. It is worth to make it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Take care of the space for your toddler and check how to arrange his room.

Functionality first of all

A child of preschool age does not need a lot of furniture to accommodate all the toys or books. Let’s be guided by minimalism, so that the child has its own corner of the house, but also space to play. Many interior designers advise that the room for a preschooler is divided into three zones:

  • rest and sleep zone – in it there is a bed and an armchair or a pouffe on which the child can sit. The bed is a very important element in the furnishings of a child’s room, so you should take great care of the right mattress and anatomically tailored pillow;
  • play zone – there are shelves with toys and books. It is also worth fitting a floor mat or soft carpet, preschool children often like to play on the floor, driving cars or arranging games with blocks. The mat should be easy to clean, just like the carpet, you can also buy mats in the form of foam puzzles, on which the child will freely lie down or sit;
  • study or creative zone – a small desk and a comfortable chair, adjusted to the child’s height, should be placed here. A small shelf for books, colouring books or notebooks can be placed next to the desk. Thanks to a zone arranged in such a way, you will not have to change it even until the child is 10 years old; you will only have to change the size of the desk and the chair. This is a place where a child can express himself artistically – to make it possible, paint a fragment of a wall in this place with blackboard paint. The child will also appreciate a magnetic board where he/she can collect his/her drawings or notes.

Big closet or chest of drawers?

A child’s room should also contain furniture for storing clothes. A child may not have many of them, but as he or she grows older, the number and size of clothes will surely change. In order not to have to buy new furniture in a few years’ time, it is worth taking care of a larger chest of drawers or a shelf with a chest of drawers

A large built-in closet may unnecessarily clutter the space. It is also not suitable for small children – sliding doors are easy to open, and a toddler may be tempted to get on the highest shelf. A chest of drawers is lower and, above all, easier to protect from the curious youngster.

You can choose from a variety of chests of drawers for your child’s room that are also built in modules.

Storage for toys

A very important element of a preschooler’s room is furniture for storing toys. Extremely practical turn out to be locking boxes or trunks for all the treasures of our little one. Containers will be suitable for modular shelves on which they can be arranged. A good option is also signing the boxes, which will be very helpful in finding a particular toy or, for example, a book

In addition, toys in boxes do not get dusty and it is much easier to clean them up after the play is over. You can create a game with your toddler where we race to see who can collect the most toys and throw them into a basket with other stuffed animals or blocks. Dusting later will also be much easier when you don’t have to collect many different children’s gadgets from the shelves.

Lighting in the children’s room

A child’s room should be properly lit. A lamp with adjustable height and brightness will be very necessary at a desk or table. Later on, it may serve as a desk lamp. Try to make it universal and elegant in style.

A child is often afraid to stay alone at night. Sometimes they are also afraid of the dark. In such a situation, a small lamp placed in a contact will come to your aid. It can have funny shapes and the possibility to turn it off easily. You can find very interesting models in the shape of animals or fairy tale characters. Gentle light will not disturb your child’s sleep and at the same time will nicely light up the room.

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