The most fashionable mirrors for the bathroom! Check what you should opt for

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The most fashionable mirrors for the bathroom! Check what you should opt for

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a mirror. It is one of the basic elements of interior design. It is worth to depart from standard patterns and check the most fashionable types of mirrors for the bathroom!

The mirror accompanies the morning toilette and allows you to perform daily makeup. Well matched to the decor of the bathroom, can give it a unique, interesting expression, becoming a beautiful decoration of the bathroom. In this article, we have included some inspiration that you can use when looking for a trendy, modern wall mirror model for your bathroom.

What shape of mirror will be suitable?

The most common shape of mirror in most Polish bathrooms is a rectangle. Although it enjoys unflagging popularity, it is also worth paying attention to models of round and oval shape. It is such mirrors increasingly often appear in projects proposed by architects and interior decorators. They give the space an interesting character, and also create many opportunities for decorative frame

Round mirrors in a distinctive, thick wooden frame will look great in minimalist bathrooms in Scandinavian style. On the other hand, you can opt for a metal frame with delicate decoration, surrounding the entire mirror. Extremely impressive also look mirrors with any modeling elements, resembling the rays of the sun. They can also serve as an interesting focal point in the room

Although so far oval mirrors have been reserved for exclusive restaurants and hotels, they also enter the private apartments. The elongated shape, depending on the location in the bathroom can be placed vertically or horizontally. This opens up new design possibilities. An alternative version to the classic rectangle is also a square. Other shapes, more irregular are a little less practical for everyday use at home.

Ideal mirror size

Customers in stores most often opt for a size of about 60 by 80 centimeters. This is a sufficient size that allows you to browse freely in it – to arrange your hair, put on lenses or apply makeup. However, it usually cuts off the neckline and shoulders and definitely does not allow you to look through it. Such a dimension will work mainly for hanging over a single sink. Similarly, when choosing a round mirror, it is advisable to choose one with a diameter of at least 60 centimeters

In the case of double washbasins, it is much better to use a single rectangular mirror, which with its width will cover the entire range of washbasins. The standard size is twice as large, namely 120 by 80 centimeters. However, you should be guided primarily by your own taste. Perhaps two round mirrors, which will introduce symmetry to the interior, will be more suitable for the arrangement. But do not forget about the practical side of the mirror and choose such a size that you can comfortably look in it.

Choose the highest quality

Bathroom mirror should be selected appropriately to the interior. In modern arrangements, wall models with simple forms will work well. You can consider choosing a mirror in a discreet, thin steel frame. For bathrooms decorated in the style of glamour designers recommend decorative models – mirrors with a mosaic or such with a thick silver frame. It is worth matching them with the color palette of the bathroom or the material of cabinets and equipment

A great idea will be to complement the decor of a subdued bathroom with gold or copper taps and beige, smooth floor tiles, with a round mirror with a firm golden frame. On the one hand, it will relate in color to the elements in the bathroom, and on the other hand, it will break the calm and natural style in the room. Such a mirror introduces a truly modern touch

It is worth remembering that only high-quality additions will really arouse admiration. If the frame is quickly scratched or some element falls off, then even the most original design will not change the bad first impression after entering the bathroom

Mirrors are also exposed to high levels of moisture, so in order to prevent the development of bacteria and fungi, you should take care of its proper installation

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