Touchless kitchen mixers for even more convenient hand washing

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Touchless kitchen mixers for even more convenient hand washing

Various modern conveniences are constantly appearing in the range of home furnishings. For example, touchless kitchen faucets are gaining popularity nowadays. Check why it is worth having them.

Almost every room in the house has a set of elements that are necessary for these interiors to fulfill their functions and be comfortable and friendly for the inhabitants. When it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, one such item will definitely be the faucet. Without access to running water, they cannot be called complete or fully utilized.

Nowadays, you can find a huge selection of faucets in stores, differing, for example, in material, color, price or the way they work. A new, interesting solution created with the use of modern technology are touchless faucets.

In fact, this is not an invention that we know of until recently. Until now, they have been used for example in public places or shopping malls. Today, they are eagerly being introduced into private homes to make life easier.

How it works

Touchless faucet can be a component of a smart home. This is a type of faucet, the functioning of which is determined by an infrared sensor. The stream of water is activated when you put your hands under the tap, in such a place that the device can detect them. A special built-in photocell inside the faucet uses electric power. As the water-related component is connected to the power supply, it is important to ensure that the installation is properly protected.

The photocell reacts only when it notices an object, so if you have a touchless faucet, you do not have to think about turning off the water during various kitchen works. The mechanism does it for us when we no longer need it. This is a great convenience because when you are cooking, your hands are often busy.

What’s more, many kitchen activities get your hands dirty. With a touchless faucet, you don’t have to touch anything to wash them. With the right settings, the sensor can also affect the temperature of the water and the strength of the spray.

These types of innovations are no longer surprising, difficult to access and intended only for enthusiasts of new technologies. They are becoming more and more common and we can say that they are slowly becoming a standard piece of equipment. As far as appearance is concerned, touchless faucets do not really differ that much from traditional mixers. Sometimes it happens that it takes up less space. The great advantage of this type of faucet is that it fits into the style of any interior.

Benefits of a touchless faucet

What can be counted among the pros of such a solution? Most people opt for them primarily because of the ease and convenience of operation. In addition, they are safe, extremely hygienic and make it easier to keep clean. To start the device does not need to touch it, so it does not get dirty so quickly and does not transfer bacteria to it.

An important argument for the use of touchless faucets is the financial aspect, associated with reduced water consumption. Smart faucets allow you to be more economical. For this reason, they are also called eco-friendly.

In a kitchen with this type of device we are not in danger of being flooded by a person who forgets to turn off the tap. This solution is recommended, for example, to families with children. What’s more, the faucet with a photocell reduces the risk of faults and rapid wear of valves, which often occur with a traditional tap.

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